Italy president, bishop: justice for ship victims


ROME (AP) -- Italy's president and top bishop are demanding justice for the victims of the cruise ship that ran aground last month off Tuscany.

During a memorial service Sunday for victims, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco also thanked the residents of the tiny island of Giglio who opened their doors to the 4,200 passengers and crew who came ashore Jan. 13 after the Costa Concordia capsized.

The captain is under house arrest, accused of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning the ship. He took the ship off course and ran it into a reef off Giglio. At least 17 people died and 15 more are presumed dead.

In his homily, Bagnasco said: "Let the light of the Lord help bring about truth and justice, let wounds be healed and let trust and courage for the future be reinforced."