In Seattle, plans for a harvestable 'food forest'

MANUEL VALDES Associated Press Published:

SEATTLE (AP) -- A plot of grass sits in the middle of Seattle, feet from a busy road and on a hill that overlooks the city's skyline. But it's no ordinary patch of green.

Residents hope it will become one of the country's largest "food forests."

The park will start at 2 acres and grow to 7, offering city dwellers a chance to pick apples, plums and other crops right from the branch.

For health-conscious and locally-grown-food-loving Seattle, the park is a new step into urban agriculture. Cities from Portland, Ore., to Syracuse, N.Y., already have their own versions.

Organizers envision thick plots of nut trees, such as walnuts and hazelnuts, next to apple, pears and plum trees. They say people can take as much as they want.