Comparison of prices for summertime food favorites

The Associated Press Published:

A glut has driven down soft-shell lobster prices in Maine. Some other popular summertime foods and their advertised prices this week in the Portland area:

-- Skinless chicken breasts: $1.99/pound

-- Italian sausage: $3.69/pound

-- Small soft-shell lobsters: $3.79/pound

-- 85 percent lean ground beef patties: $3.99/pound

-- Natural casing frankfurters: $3.99/pound

-- New York sirloin steak: $4.99/pound

-- Baby back ribs: $5.99/pound

-- Marinated beef tips: $7.99/pound

-- Sockeye salmon fillets: $9.99/pound

-- Fresh swordfish steaks: $12.99/pound

-- Sea scallops: $15.99/pound

Sources: Lobster dealers, fliers for Hannaford, Shaw's supermarkets.