Gadhafi son is extradited to Libya

ESAM MOHAMED Associated Press Published:

TRIPOLI, Libya -- One of Moammar Gadhafi's sons, al-Saadi, was extradited on Thursday to Libya from Niger, where he had taken refuge as his father's regime crumbled in 2011, bringing cheers from Libyans as the government prepares to prosecute him for his alleged role in trying to suppress the uprising against Gadhafi's rule.

Al-Saadi becomes the second son of the ousted and slain leader to be held in custody in Libya. His brother Seif al-Islam was captured in 2011 and has been held in a western mountain prison by a militia that is putting him on trial.

The elder Gadhafi ruled Libya for nearly 42 years before he was ousted in August 2011 and killed two months later. He had eight children. His son Muatassim was killed along with him when they were captured.

, and two other sons, Seif al-Arab and Khamis, were killed earlier in the civil war.

The rest of the children still at large sought asylum in neighboring Algeria, along with Gadhafi's wife and al-Saadi's mother, Safiya. The mother, a sister and two brothers, were granted asylum in Oman in 2012 and moved there from Algeria.

Seif al-Islam, who was being groomed by his father to succeed him in power, was captured during the regime's fall. He is wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of murder and persecution of civilians during the early days of the Libyan uprising. Its judges have said Libya -- where the court system is still in turmoil -- cannot give him a fair trial, asking Libyan authorities to hand him over.

The government refused -- but it also cannot get a hold of Seif al-Islam to put him on trial. The powerful militia of the western mountain region Zintan refused to give him to the central government, insisting on conducting its own tribunal against him -- yet another sign of the power of militias in the country.


Associated Press writer Dalatou Mamane contributed to this report from Niamey, Niger.

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