Rachel Zoe collection: Rock-star girlfriend look

SAMANTHA CRITCHELL Associated Press Published:

NEW YORK (AP) -- Rachel Zoe has that old-school, rock-star girlfriend thing down -- and, as she showed Saturday at New York Fashion Week, she does it well.

Zoe, best known as a celebrity stylist, seems to realize she doesn't need to reinvent the wheel to gain traction as a fashion designer: Why not flaunt the signature look that has made you famous?

The runway at the Empire Hotel was a parade of faux fur coats, skinny-style tuxedos, maxi dresses and thigh-high boots that you imagine the young jet-set wearing as they shuttle from London to Los Angeles -- perhaps with a pitstop in New York. They're outfits for the type of woman who can pull off gaucho pants, which were indeed part of the lineup.

There was a mashup of rich textures, including velvet, sequins, leather and tweeds. It was that mix that made the jewel-tone bow blouses under menswear style jackets feel modern.

She said in her notes she drew inspiration "from the rock and roll glamour of London in the late '60s and such fashion icons as Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger."


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