Ballack's agent threatened with ban by Leverkusen


LEVERKUSEN, Germany (AP) -- Bayer Leverkusen sporting director Rudi Voeller is threatening to ban Michael Ballack's agent from the Bundesliga club's stadium as relations between the two sides reached a new low.

Voeller responded furiously to agent Michael Becker's comments that his client is being made "a scapegoat" to mask problems within the club.

Voeller said Thursday: "He says he knows it all. He can't attack the club that way. He's got a dark yellow card. Or he was in this stadium for the last time!"

The director suggests that former Germany captain "has a duty" to speak for himself and not send Becker to do his talking.

Voeller also criticized club managing director Wolfgang Holzhaeuser for saying Ballack's move to the club had been a failure.