Hudson News chain founder Robert Cohen dies at 86


NEW YORK (AP) -- The man who built the Hudson News chain of newsstands has died at age 86.

Robert B. Cohen was already a giant in the magazine distribution business when he decided to try his hand at retail in 1987. He opened the first Hudson News store at New York City's LaGuardia Airport and packed the shelves with hundreds of magazines instead of just a few.

There are now more than 600 stores across the country. Most of the country's major airports have them.

Cohen sold a majority stake in the chain in 2008.

Cohen also was an avid horse racer. One of his thoroughbreds came in second in the 1974 Kentucky Derby.

Cohen was a native of Bayonne, N.J. His son James Cohen said Thursday he died a day earlier at his home in Palm Beach, Fla.