Novara goalkeeper's ban for match-fixing erased


ROME (AP) -- Novara goalkeeper Alberto Fontana's lawyer says his client's 3 1/2-year ban for match-fixing has been erased by Italy's sports arbitration court.

The 37-year-old Fontana was accused of arranging an Italian Cup match in November 2010, in which Chievo Verona beat Novara 3-0.

Novara, which was relegated from Serie A after last season, was penalized four points in Serie B this season for fixing and is next-to-last in the second division.

Lawyer Davide Gatti tells the ANSA news agency that Fontana is "ecstatic" over the decision, which means he can play again immediately.

Gatti says "we had to wait for the third grade (of justice) but we knew we hadn't done anything."

The decision comes after two other figures allegedly involved in the fix were also cleared.