Prosecutor urges no parole for Ky. killer's helper


COVINGTON, Ky. (AP) -- A northern Kentucky prosecutor is urging the state parole board to keep the accomplice of a death row inmate behind bars.

Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders wrote to the board last month asking them not to release 58-year-old Brenda Humphrey at her parole hearing in June, The Kentucky Enquirer reported. ( ).

Humphrey assisted 55-year-old Gregory Wilson in the 1987 kidnapping, robbing, raping and slaying of Deborah Pooley. She was sentenced in 1988 to life in prison with no parole for 25 years.

"I do not write to the parole board often in hopes that, when I do, the board takes notice that the subject of my letter is someone who desperately needs to be kept behind bars," Sanders wrote. "This defendant is one of those people. I appreciate your time and consideration."

He said Humphrey "played an integral role in what's commonly considered the most brutal murder in the history of Kenton County."

The sentiment is shared by Pooley's friend, Kathy Salce of Miami, Fla.

"Brenda Humphrey did not show my dear friend Deborah Pooley any mercy," Salce said. "My friend begged for her life. I believe Brenda deserves the same thing -- no mercy."

She said Pooley's brother and father have died and her mother moved to Miami, Fla., to be closer to her last living child.

"As long as Brenda Humphrey and Gregory Wilson are alive, Deborah Pooley's family will continue to serve a life sentence with them," Salce said.

Humphrey was spared a death sentence because she testified against Wilson.

Pooley, who worked at a restaurant in Newport, was forced by Wilson into the backseat of her own car. Humphrey drove while Wilson raped and strangled Pooley in the back seat.

The pair dumped Pooley's naked body in a wooded area of Hendrix County, Ind., about 100 miles from Covington and went on a shopping spree with her credit card.

Police began a search for the missing Pooley, whose remains were found 17 days after being dumped.

Authorities captured Wilson and Humphrey at about the same time after Humphrey told an acquaintance about the killing and that person called police.


Information from: The Kentucky Enquirer,