Ky. Supreme Court hears Amish buggy sign case

DYLAN LOVAN Associated Press Published:

FRANKFORT, KY. (AP) -- The Kentucky Supreme Court is deciding whether the state's Amish can refuse to hang a bright orange highway sign on their horse-drawn buggies for religious reasons.

The Amish men won't use the reflective slow-moving vehicle sign because they say the color is gaudy and they don't depend on manmade symbols for their safety.

More than a dozen Amish from western Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee visited the Supreme Court Thursday to hear attorneys argue the religious freedom issue. Amish men in Graves County have been jailed for refusing to pay fines for breaking the law. The American Civil Liberties Union argued on behalf of the Amish men, who belong to the conservative Swartzentruber sect.

Kentucky lawmakers are considering a bill allowing the use of gray reflective tape instead of the triangles.