Ohio AG files suit against BP on pensions' behalf


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Ohio's attorney general has filed a lawsuit against BP on behalf of four of the state's pension funds.

The complaint filed Thursday in Cuyahoga (ky-uh-HOH'-guh) County Common Pleas Court alleges that BP misrepresented information about its safety practices and procedures before the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion in April 2010.

The lawsuit also claims that BP's statements regarding the size of the oil spill were knowingly false and misleading when made.

The retirement funds represent retired teachers, school employees, public workers, police officers and firefighters.

Attorney General Mike DeWine said the funds were adversely affected when BP stock price plummeted after the oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico.

A BP spokesman says the company will respond to the lawsuit's allegations through the procedures established by the court.