Unintended consequences of electric vehicles?

Bill Schmidt Published:

"Firefighters and other first responders are putting themselves at a serious risk for injury or even death when responding to hybrid and electric car crashes,... The danger comes with the increased size of those vehicles’ battery packs and becomes potentially deadly for those dealing with wrecked vehicles. Members of SAE International said in a report..." Are our first responders prepared?

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  • Actually Con_Bill, Aerospace Spec and QC makes its automotive counterparts look like a joke. And just because there is system redundancy doesn't mean any system is taken less seriously. At least not among people who are worth a ****. It comes down to the operator and if you build something idiot proof they'll build a better idiot.

  • Trawl...this is oe area where your opinion may be on track. Aviation quality control is inferior to automotive QA. Many aircraft systems have 2 backups, so the push for zero defects is not nearly as strict as in the automotive. That is my opinion of 40+ years experience supplying parts to both industries.

  • I figured this would have rotated out by now .... @ Con_Bill, it wouldn't surprise me to learn Boeings fires were caused by flight crew misuse of the system. If the machine (aircraft) will do something Fight Crews (Pilots) are well known for making the machine do that something. In short it wouldn't surprise me to learn the fires were ultimately traced to being operated out of spec. Down here on the ground operating batteries out of specification isn't as much an issue, as charge and discharge are "computer" controlled and if operation that is potentially damaging to the cars batteries is being attempted by the "pilot" the machine can simply turn itself off and the operator walk. Not an option in aviation.

  • Lancer, Martin always signs his name. The WhizZard posting below is an impostor. Martins posts are much longer and not rambling like the poster below does. It's most likely conservative billy redlegs, he spends his day posting here.

  • You always have an opinon Whiz and not afraid to speak your mind, so I like reading them even though I don't agree with most of them, it makes it interesting.

  • Seems as if Boeing is learning of the dangers of lithium ion batteries?

  • so I am a right winger huh. Actually I prefer the breast.

  • should proof read before I hit submit.

  • I don't have an electric vehicle, so I am probably not going to put the fire fighters in danger. I don't plan to buy one, so what do you want me to say? I have not opinion unless maybe the school district wants to invest in one.

  • Why, miss me?

  • they probably don't know how to register with this site again. Martin Fleming is a gentlemen from streetsboro who use to post a lot of opinion's on this site but has vanished since the new site came online.

  • @ Lancer: I don't know who martin fleming is, but many of the Crazy Right Wingers seem to have evaporated or changed their names on November 6 ~ 7. Just another indication of how the Right Wing is polluted with cowards.

  • Want I want to know is where are all the martin fleming posts since the new recordpub website was launched?

  • Trawl is a critical thinker Billy, you should sit up straight and pay attention.

  • trawl...exactly....provide the training and adopt SAE standards.

  • ug, some neanderthals have same anxiety with first fire

  • Mayhaps this anxiety over electric vehicles could be reduced with education and learning electricity isn't magic. ? That electricity isn't a Mystical Force?

  • At one time there was a new technology called "air bags", effectively explosive devices in steering wheels. Air bags were (and are) pretty dangerous. The technology was adopted and refined and now some vehicles have half a dozen or more air bags of one form or another. First responders learned to work around air bags, I suspect it will be the same with electric vehicles. If you care at all about First Responders there will be no crying over the financing of their training in dealing with the hazards of their job, electric vehicles being only one of these hazards.

  • Interesting that today's story on Boeing 787 battery problem references same problem with chevy volt crash fires...

  • tagg...you are so biased you can't open your brain to see potential hazzards. Electric vehicles pose a potential hazzard to first responders as noted by the SAE. The SAE further considered the threat serious enough to publish the study and then follow-up with a new SAE standard to help protect first responoders. All new technology passes through a learning curve. The Shewhart cycle of plan-do-check-act and repeat again and agian is how improvements are made and the technolgy addresses unforseen problems and concrerns. I am sure the proponents of electric vehicles did not intend for first responders to be exposed to leathal shock...hence unintended consequence!

  • By the way, auto mechanics are more likely to be shocked by electric vehicles. Especially your backyard mechanic. This has been known for years, ask a certified mechanic if you doubt me. Progress Bill, come on, try to keep up.

  • Chicken Little Conservative always yelling, the sky is falling, the sky is falling. Squeeze that Teddy tight Billy. It's a scary world out here.

  • Furthermore the SAE is recommendig standards be adopted that would alert 1st responders when they are dealing with a potential electric shock hazzard vehicle.

  • SAE is the Society of Automotive Engineers. It is their report. If you know of an EMT or 1st repsonder you would be concerned too. Do a little fact checking before you hurl insults just to blow smoke around a real concern.

  • TaggR, I suspect Schmidt found the "electric/hybrid cars are Oooo Dangerous" pap at Dick Armeys TeaBagger FreedomWorks which links to the original story on a UK Scandal Sheet. Generalized fear is one of the tools used to control their masses. Not to totally dismiss the added concerns of battery powered vehicles, in the big picture these concerns are just another thing. If people don't like progress they best grab their Teddy Bear and hide under the bed.

  • How about some actual facts Billy? Electric cars have been around awhile. Surely you have frightening incidents to report to back up your claim? I can provide all sorts of incidents of explosions due to gas fueled cars. I would really like to hear about the incidents involving electric cars? Do you claim to be a conservative? Just asking because conservatives love using scare tactics and that is obviously what you are trying to do, spread fear.