35 In Memoriam

In Loving Memory of Eleanor Richmond (Holloran) 3/2/1923 - 10/24/2014 When I met Eleanor she was in her prime. I was dating her son, Terry. I'd go over to her house to go for a bicycle ride with her and she would be soaking in her miniature outdoor pool big enough for one (her)! She used to love to get a beautiful Hungarian suntan. She was an excellent cook and was determined to teach me all her cooking secrets. She tried one day to show me how to make homemade noodles. After making the dough (which took forever) we began stuffing the dough down into a noodle machine. As we turned the handle it made long, dangly noodles for us. Then we had to wait a long time for them to dry so we could prepare to cook them. I was famished by the time the whole process was done. They were delicious noodles but needless to say that was my first and last time I ever made homemade noodles! I told her that she could cook for us forever and that she did until the ripe age of 91. Eleanor loved to laugh. We had so much fun through the years staying up late. She went with us to lots of parties. She always was the last person to bed or didn't even go to bed. She loved life itself and lived it to the fullest. I can still hear her kind words. She was so complimentary. I used to tell her that she was my favorite 'fan'. She would build up my ego until I felt like a princess. She'd say to me all the things that she liked about me and would always tell me she loved me. And, I loved her too with all my heart. As time passed by as it does so quickly I watched her gracefully age. She became more beautiful with age. She always dressed so nice and not a wrinkle on her face. She gave me another bit of advice besides cooking tips. She told me to never pull your eyes when washing my face or putting on make-up. She said this was how to prevent wrinkles. She would say just tap, tap, tap your face ever so gently. Her face was so smooth, shiny and youthful. And did I listen, no, I've got many wrinkles. If we younger generation just listened to older people's advice we would be so much better off. They know what works and what doesn't! They've been there. She told me she loved me just like I was her daughter. She would tell me how much I meant to her and how important I was in her life. What a lady. She came from one mold - there's no one else like her. She was so attentive when I visited her. She would ask about me and then ask about each family member listening carefully to every word. She used to be bopping around the kitchen making two or three things at once; not realizing that she was making things for me. When I was ready to go home she would pack up a to-go bag full of homemade goodies including some of her delicious desserts. She was a very thoughtful person who I sadly miss. She loved to travel from one child's house to the next. She'd go to Arkansas to see Laura for awhile then to Indiana to visit Nancy. In the winter months she headed to Florida to stay near Dennis. While she was local she enjoyed spending time with Joyce and Debbie! She had so much energy and never got tired. She loved her sons Wayne and Terry too and spoke to them occasionally on the phone because they lived afar. I was married to Terry. They both passed before her. No Mother should ever have a child pass before them. God rest their souls. At her very last birthday party there was over 25 people who came to wish her well. She looked beautiful. She sat tall greeting each guest one at a time and making each person feel special. She held their hands, gave them a kiss and thanked them for coming. She was so happy. She was quite the lady. Her heart was warm and full of love. Her smile was so inviting and caring. What a wonderful life Eleanor Richmond had. She shared everything she had with everyone - herself. Love and Miss YOU, Dianne and Family`