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By Shirley Mars Published:

Land sakes! Who would have thought that our very own police chief would become a world-renowned Facebook celebrity! According to Chief David Oliver, it all started one morning while he was feverishly doing mundane paperwork.

From the computer, a whispered voice said, "If you post it … they will come." And come they did, to the tune of 31,000 "likes," and the number grows daily. There are followers from every state in North America and from many countries around the world. The Brimfield Police Department's Facebook page is a mix of information, Chief Oliver's opinion, comedic entertainment and unique terminology.

The county jail is referred to as the "county bed and breakfast." Chief's expression of surprise or wonder is "Land sakes," and criminals are referred to as "mopes." Some of Chief's most popular terms are finding their way onto decals and T-shirts.

Currently, one can buy a "No Mopes" decal for $5 at Young's Screenprinting, 1245 Munroe Falls Ave. in Cuyahoga Falls. Phone orders can be placed by calling 330-922-5777. T-shirts will be available soon. Every cent of profit is going toward safety upgrades at Field Schools. While Chief Oliver does not benefit personally from this endeavor, he can take comfort in the words of Oscar Wilde. "Who, being loved, is poor?" From what I read on Facebook, Chief is a sensation and is richly loved.


While Chief Oliver is the "face" of the Brimfield Police Department, his officers are some of the finest people I have ever met. They donate many hours of their time to community service and recently decided to volunteer even more personal time to honor any resident veteran who dies by providing a Brimfield Police escort "home."


The Brimfield Fire Department held an open house recently to showcase its newly renovated kitchen and state-of-the-art fire rescue truck and equipment. Firefighters demonstrated their new "jaws of life" by turning a junk car into a convertible and cutting all the doors off.

The new kitchen was designed by Chief Bob Keller's daughter, Amy Winter, who totally pulled off a kitchen that is warm and inviting, yet very functional. It features the original tower where, in earlier days, fire hoses were hung to dry. As a surprise, Chief Keller's wife, Phyllis, made a book of before and after pictures.

Since the old kitchen only had odds and ends of old kitchenware, two baskets were raffled off, with proceeds to be used for replacing dishes, silverware, pots and pans, and hopefully a new quality blender. Donations are welcomed to help stock the new kitchen with better equipment. For those who were unable to attend the open house, stop in for a personal tour.


Have you noticed the solar panels on the south side roof of the fire station/town hall? In an effort to "go green" and save money, Township Trustee Mike Kostensky applied for a grant through ­NOPEC to pay for the panels. According to Mike, the panels will produce 2493.4 kwh per year, and they are guaranteed to produce clean, nonpolluting renewable energy at no cost to the township. That is nothing short of a miracle, considering that Ohio doesn't even see the sun during the winter months.


Beloved former Brimfield Elementary School teacher Nancy Angerman serves on the advisory board of the County Clothing Center, which is located on S.R. 59 in Ravenna. She called to explain that it is part of Family & Community Services and serves all of Portage County by providing free clothing and household goods to anyone in need.

Church groups or other organizations and individuals are being sought to volunteer a few hours a month to sort and stock the shelves and racks. Clothing donations are welcomed and can be put inside the drop-off door at the back of the building. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and also 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Anyone interested in helping can call the director, Candy Pollard, at 330-296-0503.


Kelso Kids Club (grade school-aged children and their parents) will meet at the Kelso House from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday to learn about "The Underground Railroad Travels through Brimfield." For questions or reservations, call 330-673-1058.


Kelso House will welcome historian Brian Ebie at 7 p.m. Feb. 21. Brian's presentation, "Before the Flood: From Farming to Fishing at the Mogadore Reservoir," promises to keep attendees spellbound with his knowledge and humor as he shares his research and photo collection of the changes in our local landscape and community from the creation of the reservoir. For more information, contact Judi Allen at 330-673-1058.


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