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15 years to life for Stow man who raped child in Ravenna Township

By Dave O'Brien | staff writer Published: January 19, 2013 4:00 AM
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A Stow man will spend the next 15 years in prison before he is eligible for parole after pleading guilty to raping a 15-month-old girl in Ravenna Township in August 2012.

Logan A. West, 19, of 4890 Wyoga Lake Road, pleaded guilty to rape of a child under 10 years of age, a first-degree felony, in Portage County Common Pleas Court.

Judge John Enlow immediately sentenced him to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 15 years.

West also was labeled a Tier III sex offender, meaning he will be required to register his address with his local sheriff's office every 90 days for the rest of his life.

West was arrested after the Portage County Sheriff's Office was called to investigate injuries suffered by a 15-month old girl at her mother's house on South Prospect Street.

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The injuries were revealed after Ravenna Township paramedics were called to help the infant on Aug. 4, 2012, and found evidence of suspected sexual abuse, according to the sheriff's office. The child was treated first at Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna, then later at Akron Children's Hospital, and released.

Portage County Prosecutor Victor Vigluicci said West was in a relationship with the child's mother. The mother told detectives she put the child to bed without a problem that night. She later heard the child crying, and West approached her holding a bloody diaper, Vigluicci said.

Detectives interviewed West, who admitted to penetrating the child with his fingers. His explanation was that he took out his "anger" on the child after the child's mother refused to have sex with him, Vigluicci said.

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anonymous Jan 24, 2013 7:14 PM

hahaha i know him!! I used to be friends with him but hes one ****** up kid! its probably cuz of all the heroin that he did

anonymous Jan 21, 2013 11:56 AM

This is what is wrong with our system!!!! This man should be castrated, slowly, left to suffer for days and then put to death! Instead we give them free room and board for 15 years to life. So he can either come out and "take his anger out on another child" or continue to rape in prison as well as be raped. Quit slapping these sick people on the hand. I refuse to pay for his existence!! I don't have a problem with his castration, and death, but not his free ride!

anonymous Jan 19, 2013 4:26 PM

OMG this is the most disgusting and heart breaking thing I have ever heard if that was my daughter and my boyfriend came up to me with a bloody diaper from my daughter omg I would of cut off his boy parts and he wouldnt be going to prison he would be in the ground people like him should not be aloud to go to prison and get shelter and food and tv he should have to suffer the same way that poor little girl did and then let the family members of that poor BABY do whatever they want to him and then he should immediately be put to death that day if the family members didnt already kill him not sit in prison for 15 years and get to wake up every day to breakfast lunch and dinner he is a sick twisted piece of crap monster that doesnt deserve to breathe the air we breathe I just couldnt imagine having to deal with something like this my prayers go out to that baby girl and her family I hope this guy gets killed in prison wow I cant believe how someone could do that to a poor inocent baby a 1 year old wow it breaks my heart and makes me think twice about who comes around my kid! may God be with that baby girl and her family and that monster gets everything he deserves!!!!!

anonymous Jan 19, 2013 4:15 PM

Hope he gets life!!!!

anonymous Jan 19, 2013 2:41 PM

This is a BS plea, he raped a 15 month old child!!! He should be given life with NO parole. He will re-offend once he gets out of prison. That POS mother will not be at his parole hearing fighting to keep him in, too keep her child safe and other children safe!!! That POS will be out when he is 33 years old, plenty young enough to harm another child!!!! Too bad NOTHING will happen to this monster in prison. He will be with others just like him, so he can plot how to do it again without getting caught!!!

anonymous Jan 19, 2013 2:39 PM

Prison is too good for this lowest of scumbags. This perverted sicko should have got the death sentence; unfortunately Ohio law does not allow it for this crime. Maybe some convict will make up for his criminal ways by administering a little street justice on this scumbag.

anonymous Jan 19, 2013 10:34 AM

Mr. West will get a lot of sex where he's going! West must not of had a coupon to get the bargin basement deal. The Portage County Discount House of Justice finally got one right!!! A broken clock has the right time twice a day.