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Streetsboro School Board hires current curriculum director as superintendent

By Bob Gaetjens | Gateway News Editor Published: February 4, 2013 3:20 PM

Michael Daulbaugh has been selected to serve as the next superintendent of Streetsboro Schools.

The Board of Education unanimously voted to approve a three-year contract for Daulbaugh at its annual strategic plan meeting Feb. 2. The contract will take effect on Aug. 1, and run through July 31, 2016.

He will earn $105,000 for the 2013-14 school year, according to Treasurer Cathy Rouse.

Currently, Daulbaugh serves as director of curriculum for Streetsboro City Schools.

Daulbaugh will replace Dr. Tim Calfee, former Ravenna City Schools superintedent, who is serving under a one-year contract. His resignation also was accepted by the School Board Feb. 2, according to member Kevin Grimm. Calfee's last official day is July 31.

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He joined the district in 2010, as principal of Campus Elementary School. Prior to coming to Streetsboro, he was the Response to Intervention Coordinator for Lake Local Schools in Hartville.

A 1991 graduate of Mount Union College in Alliance, Daulbaugh holds a bachelor of arts degree in education. In 1998, he received a master's degree in science from Youngstown State University. Through the course of his career, Daulbaugh has been a classroom teacher, an assistant principal, a principal, a curriculum director, Testing coordinator, and RTI coordinator.

Daulbaugh has held memberships in the National Association of Elementary School Principals, been a member of the Governing Board for the East Regional Professional Development Center, and participated as a member of the State Standards Committee for the Ohio Fourth-Grade Proficiency Test in Science, among other leadership roles. He has also been a workshop presenter at state and national conferences, as well as district and county level in-services.

Outside of work, Mr. Daulbaugh has served as an assistant scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America, a vacation Bible school teacher, a soccer coach, is a member of the First Baptist Church of Alliance and volunteers at Akron Children's Hospital.

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anonymous Feb 5, 2013 6:24 PM

Factualinfo, it would seem that you have an axe to grind. I have met Mr. Daulbaugh and have talked with many of the professionals who interact with him on a daily basis my understanding is that many of them went to the Board to recommend him for this position. All of this based on what he has done since coming to Streetsboro. In my experience those kind of recommendations are not given easily and have to be earned. I would prefer an internal candidate that has shown his willingness to work hard for the betterment of the District and it's students than an unknown coming from outside. Think about it, if you are hiring an experienced person then that means they are leaving the same position somewhere else, you have to ask why?

Mr. Natko, Mrs. Bontempo leaving have nothing to do with the hiring of the new Superintendent and hopefully will be replaced with someone dedicated to helping our students to accel.

Mr. Daulbaugh is a great choice for the District, I know he did great things as the Principal at Campus and has worked very hard to clean up the mess he walked into as the Curriculum Director.

anonymous Feb 5, 2013 9:10 AM

Then there is the issue of the board members and their conduct. The district has obviously chosen to ignore the one board member who will be convicted of a felony in the near future. Granted, lawyers had the trial delayed but the incident still happened and the public hasn't forgotten. Great roll modeling for our kids. Then there is the fact that the district still hasn't come clean with the public about the inappropriate cameras and possible video tapes taken of our kids in the weight room by a now resigned supervisor. Just sweep it under the rug and protect the athletic department at all costs, that seems to be the method of operation. Of course that also seems to be the way we handle getting rid of bad teachers as well, pay them for the rest of the year even though they aren't in the school and then let them "retire". Pass them along to some other district who will hire them because just like we take new superintendents from districts that got rid of them quietly, we let bad teachers go on in the same fashion.

anonymous Feb 5, 2013 9:04 AM

Also, the district will have to replace Mr. Natko, Ms. Bontempo, and probably Mr. Hatch. Plus they obviously need to get a new curriculum director, new maintenance supervisor and who knows how many others before next year. Either they are very inept at making good choices when hiring or the board likes all the extra pays so they purposely hire people they know will be leaving soon. Either way, our district is in total chaos all the time and our kids suffer because of it. I've never talked to another district that keeps facing the problems we do with the administrative merry-go-round and poor choices.

anonymous Feb 5, 2013 8:57 AM

Once again, complete and utter ignorance on the part of the board. This continual revolving door of administators, lack of any consistency in any of the buildings and we once again hire an inexperienced superintendent. Why? Because he can schmooze better than anyone else. This district is in desparate need of real leadership from an experienced and qualified applicant, not someone like this.

This guy was basically fired from his last job and within two and a half years here we make him a principle (which he had no prior experience for), we make him a curriculum director (which he had no experience prior), and we now give him a superintendet job. Where we will let him learn as he goes an WE will pay for all that education and training as a district. This alone is enough reason why this is a ridiculous hire, yet if you actually took the time as a board member to research why he was actually let go from his last job, you would see how detrimetal this may end up to our district. A leopard isn't likely to change his spots and now that he is in a position of power, just wait for the scandals to begin. There are already rumors of his extracurricular activities and just because you say that his is a bible school teacher, doesn't make him a morally centered guy. His history points to who he is.