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5-mill, 3-year levy on Field ballot in May

By Kyle McDonald | Staff Writer Published: February 5, 2013 4:00 AM
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The Field Board of Education voted Monday to place a three-year, 5-mill operating levy on the May ballot.

The board chose the 5-mill levy over two other millage options it was considering -- a 5-mill operating levy coupled with 1.5 mills for permanent improvements or a 6.5-mill operating levy -- with the hope that voters would find the lowest millage possibility to be the most palatable.

The three-year, 5-mill option is estimated to cost the owner of a $100,000 home $157.50 annually.

Field Treasurer James Vokac said if the levy passes, the district will reinstitute busing and programs such as art, music and physical education, but will still be looking at an additional $450,000 in cuts.

If the levy fails, Vokac said the district is facing another $900,000 in cuts in order to balance the budget for the 2014 fiscal year.

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Superintendent Beth Coleman said she wants to see the district focus on cuts that will not affect students' education.

Of the options on a financial sheet listing about $2 million in cost saving measures to consider, Coleman recommended changes that included mostly staff replacements and rearrangements, but also a reduction of supplies and materials.

The list of potential cuts also included elimination of all sports, which board president Terry Kettering said was off the table, because too many students would leave the district, taking state dollars with them.

"We would lose money by cutting sports," Kettering said. "Cutting sports is going to hurt us."

No vote was made Monday on what additional cuts will be made with the passage of the 5-mill levy.

The board also discussed drafting a resolution detailing exactly how the revenue of a successful levy will be spent, as it did with the previous levy attempt in November, and said the resolution should be ready by its next meeting.

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anonymous Feb 6, 2013 10:16 AM

I am a parent on the levy committee and I hope that you will attend the meeting tomorrow night, you may then see that we are working for the good of the kids and we are trying our best with the limited funds and volunteers we have to pass this and all levies. Please join us and see what truly goes on at meetings, you may have a better idea of what we really do, if you still feel we are not working for the best of our community, contact me back and I will have a private conversation with you about the issues you have and how we can fix them. Thanks!! Please Give it a try!!!

anonymous Feb 5, 2013 9:05 PM

Concerning my previous post; After further review, I do not know if the author of the Waterloo pro-levy letter, is a student or a grandma. Either way both letters read like they had the same guidance in my opinion.

anonymous Feb 5, 2013 7:22 PM

Sounds similiar to the fine folks at Waterloo. They don't talk issues, nor respect your point of view. We, the public, are uneducated their eye's if we don't think their way. Maybe the union provides the kool-aid? Maybe hate, intolerance, name calling, put downs, are some of the side effects of the kool-aid. A fine example for the kids. How come we had the same Hate, intolerance, and name calling @ Crestwood before the levy vote, How come the same name calling, intolerance and hate @ Waterloo, now BurndatFat reports the same attitudes of hate, intolerance, name calling @ Field before the levy vote. Does anybody see a Pattern of Intimidating behavior here???... A student from Crestwood wrote a pro-levy letter in the Opinion section of the RC before the levy vote this past November.. A Waterloo student wrote a pro-levy letter on the Opinion section I think dated 31 January 13. scroll the opinion page. The letters seem very similiar to me, in both wording and content, How could a students letter from Waterloo be so similiar as the student letter from Crestwood? They both used the example of how nmuch the levy would cost in relation to fast food carryout. Did someone coach these students? I'll be waiting for the student from Field to write their pro-levy letter about the end of April. Who trains and organizes these people? Who is really calling the shots? I say look for the UNION LABEL. Shalom!

anonymous Feb 5, 2013 10:53 AM

I'd really like to see this levy pass, for the sake of the children. Not sure why the levy hasn't passed yet, or what the problem is. I've entertained the idea of attending a levy committee meeting in hopes of helping out somehow, some way. The thing is, I'm very disappointed in the levy committee. The cackling hen seems to think it's ok to degrade people on social media, on sites that are supposed to represent the community and schools. I see the negativity that surrounds the levy committee. I see the nasty remarks from mean, unhappy people. I see the put-downs and name calling. I'd like to know how the levy committee thinks it's beneficial to pass a levy by putting others down? How's that working, anyway? From the looks of things the levy has failed 4 times. The levy committee's tactics are not working, obviously. I would be completely embarrassed to post the commentaries the levy committee has posted to the public. I am appaulled, really, that grown women would act that way. What negative attention these ladies bring themselves. Arguing with people on social media? Really? You know, I genuinely feel sorry for you. I guess telling people to get a life if the person does not agree with the levy terms is acceptable in their circle. Furthermore, I think most people would take offense to being told if they cannot afford increased property taxes they should relocate. Not a good way to go about promoting a levy. If I'm picking up on all the negativity that surrounds the committee, I cannot imagine what others are thinking when they read the nasty remarks the committee posts to the public. And the children in the community who go to these links for information, have they stopped to think about that? What an example the committee is leaving to the younger generation. I hope you're proud of yourselves. It's time for adults to start acting like adults. Promote the levy already and stop playing games and arguing with people on social media. Grow up already.

anonymous Feb 5, 2013 8:12 AM

Disband the teacher's union and any other unions in the schools and hire a superintendent who isn't in bed with the union. Maybe someone who works for the board in the interest of students and parents, and a board who knows they work for the taxpayers? This superintendent HAS TO GO.