Waterloo levy wins


Waterloo school district's 5.9-mill levy has passed by 25 votes -- 968 to 943 -- according to complete but unofficial results announced by the Portage County Board of Elections on Tuesday.

The 5-year levy is to raise $939,557 per year. Voter turnout was 32.4 percent in the district which covers Atwater and Randolph townships in southern Portage County.

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  • Recount!!!

  • Only 32.43% of the eligible voters showed up to vote. 1804 voted/5562 could have voted. Over two thirds of the voting community stayed home.. Just a suggestion to Waterloo, maybe a public seminar on civics to compliment the seminar on bullying would be helpful. I hope civics is still being taught. Shalom

  • Election Summary Report Portage County, Ohio Special Election February 5, 2013 Summary For Jurisdiction Wide, POL, All Races Unofficial Canvass Final Results 02/05/13 20:52:26 Registered Voters 5562 - Cards Cast 1804 32.43% Num. Report Precinct 7 - Num. Reporting 7 100.00% Issue #1 - Waterloo LSD (Additional) Total Number of Precincts 7 Precincts Reporting 7 100.0% Times Counted 1804/5562 32.4% Total Votes 1800 FOR THE TAX LEVY 928 51.56% AGAINST THE TAX LEVY 872 48.44%