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Streetsboro talking land swap

By Bob Gaetjens | GAteway News Editor Published: February 14, 2013 4:00 AM
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In 2004, when the last issue for a new high school was on the ballot in Streetsboro, the bond issue failed because the site for the school was not on or near the school campus along Annalane Drive, according to many school leaders over the years.

In his State of the City speech Wednesday at the Rusty Nail Restaurant, Mayor Glenn Broska told about 75 attendees at the Streetsboro Area Chamber of Commerce's monthly luncheon that the city and Streetsboro Board of Education and administration are negotiating a land swap of a 62 acre to 65 acre portion of two city-owned parcels off S.R. 303 for 121 acres of school-owned land on S.R. 14 across from Valleybrook Road.

"It's their thought that's it's a great idea," said Broska following the speech. "If we can help them to facilitate that, that's what we're going to do. It does give the city more opportunity to expand their parks."

Dr. Tim Calfee, Streetsboro City Schools superintendent, said he hopes land swap negotiations with the city administration are concluded "as fast as possible."

"Our hope is that discussions would be finalized in the next couple of months," he said.

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Broska said he's hoping discussions can conclude in about 90 days.

Calfee said residents expressed a desire to have any additional schools located at the school campus in the 2012 School Strategic Plan. Ninety percent of those giving input expressed a desire to have the high school at the existing campus.

Broska said the plan, as it stands today, is to do a direct land swap with the schools.

"It's going to be a land swap; it's not going to be a land sale," he said.

The deal would include a lot split by the city, which owns two parcels -- 53 acres and 68 acres, roughly -- off S.R. 303, said Broska. The city would retain the portion of the land north and east of a stream which divides the property, he explained. This would leave the area where the baseball fields are now located in the Board of Education's hands, he said.

City Park would need to be rebuilt, and he said he's working to find finding a way to help pay for the rebuild. Cost estimates aren't yet available for the moving the park.

"The city of Streetsboro can rest assured that before we shut down (City Park), new facilities will be ready to be played on," he said.

Broska said building the school on S.R. 14 may require building an access road from the S.R. 14 site to the existing campus at an added cost. The district also would spend more in bus fuel and getting to and from the new school.

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anonymous Feb 15, 2013 10:00 AM

On March 24, 1997, Justice Francis E. Sweeney wrote for the 4-3 majority: By our decision today, we send a clear message to lawmakers: The time has come to fix the system. Let there be no misunderstanding. Ohios public school-financing scheme must undergo a complete systematic overhaul.... article Sunday March 25, 2012 11:10 AM Columbus Dispatch: by Jim Siegel and Joe Vardon .....That was over 15 years ago. It is time for the people to quit voting on an unconstitutional funding process. Quit voting for levies statewide. Maybe Columbus will get the point. Stop the INSANITY!!

anonymous Feb 15, 2013 8:55 AM

RareEarth, don't get your drawers in a bunch. First of all, I am a registered Republican,so playing the liberal card does not apply. Secondly, if you would like to meet personally to discuss this and any other topics I would be more than happy to.And you know what, I won't even call you a moron or an idiot. Lastly, if you do decide to move to another district, good luck to you and your family. It sound like a good deal for you and the City of Streetsboro....

anonymous Feb 15, 2013 12:22 AM

Hey duckal if you think I'm going to fork out 20 bucks a month cause you say so, then you are a moron. Next I have a nice house and if i have to repair it that is a one time thing that goes away. The schools never go away. Obviously you and that other idiot do not know that the supreme court ruled that taxing property owners to fund public schools is unconstitutional but our corrupt government is allowing it to go on. That makes me think that it is idiots like you that do NOT stand up for your rights and do like taxation without representation, but wait isn't that one of the main reasons this country separated from England? I will say this once I am a disabled vet that lives on a fixed income and i should sell my house because i don't want to pay extortion money? For your information I do not drink, smoke or do drugs, but i have a lot of medical bills and 2 children that I am paying for one in private school and the other in a music school. Me? I am all about my children and yes we are talking of selling out and moving to a district that does not cut busing off if we don't OK a levy to raise the administrations salary s and a city that does not give all their tax revenue away and then asks the citizens to pay yet again more taxes. There are a few out there and yes we want to move out of this city because they seem to think bigger means more money and bigger salary's for those that are making the decisions.So the next time you ask me why I should complain about 20 dollars a month, ask the government why they complain about paying my disability, after i served my country and worked over 30 years before i became disabled.you don't care about 20 then pay 40 and leave me out of it. I chose to think bigger is not better and any city that allows the rich to build because they get gifts or gratuity's and burden our schools to the point they burden the taxpayers, ought to be run out of town on a rail. I'm starting to think people like you al should move out, your attitude stinks, and it people like you that give this country a bad name. By the way were you under the influence when you thought you would run your mouth? Back in the day i would have chewed you up and spit you out, back in the day cowards like you couldn't run your mouth in a newspaper, only in person and then they didn't because they knew they might have to back it up.

Person like you would have said to me in person what you said in the paper back in the day you woulda been picking yourself up off the ground. Oh and by the way I wont look up this article again because you guys made me angry I dont like liberals that think I owe someone a living!!!

anonymous Feb 14, 2013 7:59 PM

To RareEarth and the other people out there that "can't afford to pay an extra 10 to 20 dollars a month". You should not own a home. What do you do when you have a leaky roof, or your hot water tank stops working? Those are much more expensive than the $120 to $240 a year you are talking about.If you can't afford a minor expense like that, then sell your house before it turns into a shack that pulls down the property values in this town. I am sick of people ******** that they can't afford $20 a month. that is 2 packs of cigarettes and one 12 pack a month, or 2 pizzas a month. It's called sacrifice, people, and it is a concept that many people have forgotten.

anonymous Feb 14, 2013 5:23 PM

RareEarth, you have just shown exactly how out of touch you are with what is going on in the schools. Streetsboro is rated excellent. Next, how is " stop building slum apartments, and allowing families with 5 kids to come into the city on our dime" not segregation. I guess you just want the people well off enough to purchase their own homes. No I am not rich nor am I on welfare but I do come from a very poor family and I managed to get a good education through the public school system to improve myself. I eventually went to college on the GI Bill to further my education. If you attend some of the meetings you might find out that the High School has already been added on to going out further is not an option because of the way the building is situated on the property. Going up is also not an option because the building was not engineered in a way for the single floor areas to support a second floor. Wait primary school simply needs to go because of where it is located, when it was originally built that area of the city was completely different, it is now not a safe area for students, too much industry and too much traffic.

anonymous Feb 14, 2013 2:42 PM

First of all I said nothing about trailers and segregation. Second I can not afford the raise in taxes at this school boards whims. Either your rich and do not care about paying more money or B your a welfare recipient who we are all paying for.Before we ok any additions or building we need to discuss why close one school to build another and also the fact that Streetsboro lags behind every school in the county including the smaller schools and bigger is not always better. I think they need to focus on education first and start getting an excellent rating before they start asking for a new school. As a taxpayer and a homeowner in Streetsboro I am against building a new school at this time and so should every taxpayer out there that does not have money to give away.

anonymous Feb 14, 2013 9:37 AM

That's right, we can just bring in some more trailers and park them by the stadium to make more room. I am pretty sure we could get a good deal on some porta pottys to put out there with them. While we are at it we can build a fence around the city to keep all those "undesirable" kids from moving in. Let's also keep all those kids on the other side of town, it doesn't matter that it costs the taxpayers thousand and thousands of extra dollar every year for transportation or that Frost road is so busy and dangerous for little kids.

anonymous Feb 14, 2013 8:16 AM

Those of you that do NOT want to pay higher taxes because the school wants to build a new high school for no good reason, get ready to vote against the bond issue in November, because it is coming. The already stated that the state would pay 34 percent and guess who is going to have to foot the rest of the bill? You got it we the taxpayers. They say we need a new school because our enrollment is getting larger, stop building slum apartments, and allowing families with 5 kids to come into the city on our dime. Listen up folks, they can not use cutting the busing this time, as we already paid the extortion monies so these fat cats could get fatter. If they try it again to build a new school they would not have a leg to stand on and several lawsuits would be filed against them. So when its time to vote on this bond issue please vote no. I for one can not afford to pay them an extra 10 to 20 dollars a month. When does it end? When a small town school like Garrettsville needed more room at the high school they put an addition on it. That school has had an excellent rating forever.Here is the key. The city of Garrettsvile is not corrupt as our city's board of education and these planning committees who allow more slumlord apartments we do NOT need.

They are also planning to close wait school, I understand they want all the schools on the same campus, but what are they going to do just give that building away like they did city hall? The mismanagement has gone on far too long we need to fire the school board and get some fresh perspective in there. This whole business smells of corruption!!