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Field meeting is canceled for 'threats'

By Diane Smith | Staff Writer Published: February 24, 2013 4:00 AM

Citing "recent threats," the Field Board of Education has canceled its meeting on Monday.

Field Board of Education president Terry Kettering released a brief statement late Saturday night announcing that the meeting will not be held.

"Due to the recent threats made against one or more of the board members and to ensure the safety of everyone involved, the Field Board of Education meeting on Monday, Feb. 25, has been cancelled. It is hoped that a cooling down period will allow the community and the board to work for the betterment of our school district."

Kettering could not be reached to find out what kind of "threats" had allegedly been made.

On Feb. 12, the board accepted the resignation of Superintendent Beth Coleman, effective at the end of her contract on July 31. At that meeting, Coleman admitted that she did not want to resign, and angry residents said Kettering and board members Allyson Westover and Donna Karg should step down instead.

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All three board members have terms that expire at the end of 2013. Ohio law does not permit them to be recalled.

Coleman remains the superintendent until July 31, which is the end of her contract. A statement by the board states that she "holds continuing contract status as a teacher in the District and retains this status." It is unclear whether Coleman, who was once a middle school principal and assistant superintendent with the district, will return to teaching at Field.

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anonymous Feb 27, 2013 3:22 PM

I really agree with FLASH. Way to nail it. Yes, the Field Community needs to get off the internet. Have they not anything better to do with their time? Go ahead and create all the web sites and Facebook pages they like. That didn't get the levy passed these past few attempts and it won't work this time around either. Now the levy committee has resorted to posting letters asking certain school board members to resign. Tell me, has that worked? Has anyone resigned now that you have publically requested them to? I hardly doubt it. Good luck with that. Way to go, splitting the community. The committee really is controlling, wanting things done their way or it's the highway. Just ask anyone who counters their levy terms or has a different opinion than theirs about the levy. Don't you dare disagree with them. Some members really are bitter and filled with hate. It really is time to get off the internet and do something more constructive with thier time, as FLASH has suggested. Any maybe they can explain how making inappropriate remarks about Ursetti online can help get the levy passed? People are definitely not making footsteps worth following. Nasty.

anonymous Feb 25, 2013 10:48 AM

Maxwell, good for you! I received that "confidential" letter, too and I was appalled. I have no dog in this fight other than being a concerned member of the community. This has gone way too far when people are talking about using tactics like intimidation and badgering get people to resign their posts. Yes, those were the exact words used. It's just disgusting behavior. That may not be a physical threat but if I was on the board, the meeting that was held last night would be enough to make me afraid and to insist on a cooling off period. A board meeting tonight could be nothing but ugly & unproductive.

anonymous Feb 25, 2013 9:22 AM

Interesting...it looks like the three people trying to run the school system are Chief Oliver, Shirley Mars and Jim Conroy.

anonymous Feb 24, 2013 7:54 PM

I know it is hard for the Chief to understand but he does NOT have jurisdiction outside of Brimfield. So this means his officer at Suffield Elementary is nothing more than a security guard, he can NOT enforce the laws of the State of Ohio. With this said, do all of the school board members live in Brimfield Township or just the Field school district; which quite a bit is outside of his jurisdiction. Perhaps the Chief should have done his homework and checked with the two other law enforcement agencies to verify if a report had been filed; which it had been. Just because he wasn't notified of it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Why would they tell him any way when the members would be subject to retribution at the hands of BPD and the Chief leading the way. He acts like he has a personal agenda here like his children go to this school; which they do not. I hope everyone opens their eyes and sees that things aren't always as they appear.

anonymous Feb 24, 2013 7:44 PM

If somebody made threats that caused the Board to cancel its meeting, that would be a criminal act. If the board received such threats and failed to report them, that would be a negligent act at the minimum.

anonymous Feb 24, 2013 3:55 PM

OK...so were these "threats" reported anywhere?

anonymous Feb 24, 2013 3:27 PM

I agree with you Maxwell. The Community is acting like they live in Storybrook and are under a Spell . All of the people that have been involved with the school system CARE!! NO one has a personal agenda except those throwing stones at the school board. If the tea party letter is true they are a hate group. From what I have heard and saw through video the Brimfield Police were worthless at the last board meeting. The Meetings should have the sheriff attending them due to the Political involvement of the Brimfield Police Chief AND the Trustee and the Brimfield fire Chief that started a rumor this past week that got out of hand. I would consider the tea party letter a threat, the Facebook comments threats and the comments on the Brimfield Police Facebook page threats. Your Right redleg6 WHO would want the Brimfield PD protecting them after the outburst he made at the board meeting. STOP THE Witch HUNT. The community needs to feel shameful for their actions. I will pray for them to regain their right minds and I will pray for the safety of the THREE Board Members.

anonymous Feb 24, 2013 12:23 PM

The Board says threats were made...BPD Chief on Facebook says no threats reported...Would the Board notify police of a threat when the Chief insulted the Board in a previous episode saying, this Board couldn't organize a trip to the bathroom?...Is Kettering lying about the threats?...tAre there threatening MOPES in Falcon country?...Does the BPD spend to much taxpayer time on Facebook?...Watch the Falcon get it's feathers plucked once again by it's elected officials, on the next episode of... "Flight of the Falcon Chronicles" rated R

anonymous Feb 24, 2013 12:20 PM


anonymous Feb 24, 2013 12:19 PM

Maybe You haven't read the latest TEA PARTY Letter!Oh wait that was CONFIDENTIAL!! Step by step laid out, use Intimidation!!But this wouldn't be a Threat right? Persue a lawyer. This was after 20 people met to discuss the future of the 3 Board Members. Oh the lists goes on and finishes with the letter from Mrs. Mars and Mr. Conroy. Oh yes, and don't forget to bring your CHILDREN to the petion signing, must have them there so they can witness all the what?? RUMORS?? What happened to this is for the children? The way this is headed remove the Spirit Rock that Donna Karg got for the school replace it with a cross because before any of you know any answers you what to burn them at the stake. These are good people who are under a Gag rule people wake up. Maybe things aren't as rosey as you think they are. If you aren't performing well in your job how long or how many chances do you get? Let us not forget this is not the the only Board that has served since Ms. Coleman Has been on board. Take friendships out of this. Field has been going under for years it is time for it to finally come up for air. You think with there hasn't been threats you don't read much. Someone has knocked a hornets nest out of a tree and the same hornets keeps buzzing around it's not the 3 Board members that is making Field look bad! It is the little Group of HORNETS that try to talk SMACK over each other. What is next? We are trying to make our schools safer thank God. But yet there is postings there are no THREATS?? REALLY... BPD please explain the shouting and comments from the last Board meeting and the again Intimidation from the storming of the Board table was the BPD help? Where you part of the shouting or spectator? These 3 people are residents one has children in the school system. Let's go back to Intimidation by any means!! Facebook, No Threats you are in DENIAL.. This is Sad this is not the Field that I remember you are making it a mockery!! Shame on all of you.

anonymous Feb 24, 2013 11:24 AM

Outstanding. Either the Field Administration has created fictitious threats against themselves, OR the people in the Field school district are making threats to coerce the Administration to bend to their will. I believe the latter more likely considering that making false claims/ reports is criminally actionable and the poor behavior of various extremest political groups.

anonymous Feb 24, 2013 11:24 AM

Really is a darn shame how Mommies and Daddies haven't yet learned how to behave. And geez, just think of the examples their setting for their children. The role models they are being.

anonymous Feb 24, 2013 9:23 AM

I am proud of the three board members who stood up for themselves. I am so glad that she did resigned.. HOORAY...The Facebook and The Falcon Community website have split the community....... Shame on you . Your hearts are bitter with HATE. These are the people who want to control everything..You are on a Witch Hunt. The board members have taken the heat and they stood by their decision. The board has not made Field the laughing stock of Portage County. It is the people who are threatening and bullying them. Field community needs to get off Facebook and get alife. Do something constructive with your lives..................

anonymous Feb 24, 2013 8:14 AM

I believe that this decision just makes the school board look worse which at this point is a difficult thing to do. They have made this community and school system the laughing stock of Portage County and the surrounding areas. When you take a public position you have to be prepared to take the heat when you make an unpopular decision - Stand up and take the heat you sissies!

anonymous Feb 24, 2013 8:11 AM

According to the BFD facebook page...NO calls were made to them regarding any threats at all.

They don't want to face the taxpayers that they have lied to. Pathetic.