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Streetsboro officials ponder limiting number of adults in schools for parties

By Mike Lesko | Gateway News Published: March 1, 2013 4:00 AM

The Streetsboro Board of Education is questioning the number of adults in the buildings during the school day for parties and other activities.

"I believe it is counter-productive to preach safety and security, and then allow a large amount of parents, grandparents, etc., into the building for a party," said Kevin Grimm, board member and Streetsboro fire lieutenant. "Large influxes of people in the school buildings could cause added 'chaos' in the event of an emergency."

The board asked Dr. Tim Calfee, district superintendent, to seek input from the elementary school principals on the issue.

The board has taken no official action, and there is currently no policy change in front of the board.

Wait Primary School Principal Jon Natko said some school districts limit the number of parents in a school to 3-4 per party and said policy limiting the number of adults could be implemented in Streetsboro.

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Tracy Campbell, Streetsboro Community PTA president, stressed parents want to be involved in their children's activities.

"We don't want to tell people they aren't welcome," she said. "But when we looked at it, with all the people there, it is definitely a safety concern."

Campbell said she expects the board will eventually tighten up the rules regulating the number of adults in schools, but she said having other opportunities -- like reading books aloud to classes -- is "a good compromise."

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anonymous Mar 3, 2013 1:58 PM

What a sad and somewhat confused commentary from DoWhatsRight. I am a parent of a school-aged child and think that they should limit the parties to the room parent(s) only. Aside from the safety factor of having adults roaming the halls please remember that the parties are for the kids. The additional adults add to chaos in the already small rooms and the kids are so focused on a parent/grandparent being there that they stop interacting with their classmates. The kids should be allowed to celebrate together and there is still plenty of things after school for the parents to be involved with such as homework, sports, extracurricular activities, etc.

anonymous Mar 1, 2013 5:21 PM

Well I think we should go further in limiting the number of adults in the school. I think we should limit it to one Superintendent. He can handle all the schools. Then we should have one Principal. He can handle the Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Then we should have one Secretary for the Principal and one for the Superintendent. Next we should have one teacher for each of the subjects taught in the school. Now that is the kind of adult limitation I would be in favor of.

I also think that the Superintendent and the Principal should have to take a few tests before being hired. They should have to take a psychological test to make sure that they do not think that they are lord and master of all that they see in the school and they do not have the power of God over the school, children and parents, and they are not the only person in the world that knows a few things. Next they need to be tested on problem solving to see if they are capable of solving problems above the kinder garden level. If one thinks this is ridiculous just take a look at the Zero tolerance way of solving problems.

It use to be that we wanted the adults to come to the schools. We invited them to come and sit in the classes while the children were being taught. Now it seems that they are afraid that in adults do come to the school the teachers will not be able to end their school day at 1:30. It seems to me that the entire school system seems to forget that we pay for that school and we own it. We also pay your salary and you want to keep us out.