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Streetsboro woman gets 10 days in jail, probation for hitting 2 Kent State students with car in Janu

By Dave O'Brien | Staff Writer Published: May 14, 2013 4:00 AM
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A Streetsboro woman who struck and injured two Kent State University students with a car in downtown Kent in January 2012, then fled the scene before police could stop her was sentenced to 10 days in the Portage County jail on Monday.

Danyelle N. Hall, 30, of 2633 Deer St., also was sentenced by Portage County Common Pleas Judge John Enlow to three years probation, along with random drug and alcohol testing and treatment if necessary. Her driver's license was suspended for one year, with privileges for work, school, child care and necessities after six months. Enlow also ordered her to keep a full-time job or be a full-time student throughout her probation.

Hall told Enlow she remembers "everything that happened" on the night of the incident up until she struck Cassandra Norrid and Abby Allen on South Water Street near the 157 Lounge at about 2 a.m. on Jan. 15, 2012. Norrid was taken to Akron City Hospital with a broken leg, while Allen had only minor injuries.

Hall then fled the scene, and was only caught after one of the passengers in her vehicle reported her, according to Kent police. She was charged and later pleaded guilty to failure to stop after an accident, a fifth-degree felony.

Hall said she was "in a state of shock and panic" and didn't remember the aftermath of the collision.

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"The only thing on my mind was my daughter," she told Enlow, adding "I would take it back if I could."

Norrid's mother, Pamela, who represented her daughter at the at the hearing, asked Enlow for "justice for my daughter," whom she said suffered a "permanent disability." Norrid did not attend the hearing because she had a job interview on Monday, Pamela Norrid said.

"People who hit animals seem to have more remorse than Miss Hall," she said.

Insurance covered restitution for Norrid's hospital bills, and Enlow ruled against the state's request to order Hall to pay additional restitution, according to court records.

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shawny May 25, 2013 11:07 PM

Karmas never pretty for bad people. Kids ran out into the side of a truck! Lol. Who u trying to fool? People aren't stupid. I'm a mother too and I wouldn't be thinking of anything but the students that were runover. I wouldn't have went home to sleep not knowing if they were alive or dead. Common you're not a mother or a decent person.... More like a selfish coward. Enjoy jail. Sure you'll make friends there ;)

iam1 May 15, 2013 9:31 PM

Believer (Pamela)I am simply sticking up for someone whom I have known since her birth and I can assure you she is not heartless as you say. You do not know her from atom. She is one of the most kind hearted people I know and in most situations would give to others before herself. She had a moment of weakness which everyone has had in our lives. Yes she made a bad decision and you can say over and over again what you would do in a situation but the fact remains that you dont know until the situation arises. She is a fabulous mother to her daughter and would do anything to keep her in her custody. She simply cared more for her daughter than 2 complete strangers that decided to walk into her truck that night. So, yes that is compassion just not for the people you want it to be. And as far as getting off easy I think not. She lost her entire career over this as she can no longer work in the medical field ever again. I already know your response and you will say this is still not just, but where were the charges to the other girls for j-walking and causing the accident. Right, there was none!

geege May 15, 2013 7:24 PM

The girls were WALKING,leaving their cars at home. If Miss Hall was walking and NOT driving her "LARGE TRUCK" she wouldn't have to plead guilty to felony charges!!!!

believe_ May 15, 2013 6:23 PM

I'm not saying that the girls didn't walk into the road, I'm simply saying she was drinking and she got out of it to easy!! Also who leaves after they hit someone/something???!! Someone that is heartless! My goodness if you hit a dog do you just drive away?? No you get out to see if its ok so it doesn't suffer! Regardless if they walked out in front of her or not you don't just leave someone to suffer ! That's cold hearted right there!!! She shouldn't have a daughter if that's how she treats people!

iam1 May 15, 2013 4:45 PM

Believe I don't know where you got your information from, but I have personally seen Miss Hall's truck and the damage to her vehicle speaks otherwise. The damage is all on the side of her truck which suggests that they walked into her. If Miss Hall actually hit them the front of her truck is completely flat and so high that they would have been pushed under the vehicle and ran over and probably not so lucky to end up still here. Even the police reports that are public record show this damage and the fact that they were j-walking and took only 2 steps before they were struck. That is literally a second reaction time. Both girls wrote in their statements to admitting to drinking quite a bit during only a 2 hour time period. I am not at all defending Miss Halls reaction to leave the scene, bc I do agree that it was wrong. I am just simply saying that this charge was for leaving the scene and just that. Not fault in the accident. Not all parties are as innocent as they seem. Maybe this could have all been avoided if the young ladies had crossed in the crosswalk or at least showed more regard to oncoming traffic when not in a crosswalk. It is not at all a blind road to see a large truck coming.

believe_ May 15, 2013 1:43 PM

IAM1 I think you should know your facts first because miss hall was drinking At the time of the accident but made a deal not to bring it up if she pleaded guilty ! That's what happens when you have money! They should have made the people that turned her in testify ! Of course she had her daughter on her mind because being intoxicated and hitting two young women and fleeing the scene would be very serious! But hey money talks !!

iam1 May 15, 2013 9:15 AM

First of all this person was not drunk or high at the time of the accident. Drug and alchohol testing are standardized conditions of being on probation no matter what your charge is. You could be on probation for getting caught driving under a suspended license for not paying a speeding ticket and still have to submit to drug and alcohol testing while on probation. Get your facts straight before you comment!!!!!!

believe_ May 15, 2013 2:15 AM

She has no remorse for what she has done. Her daughter wasn't on her mind when she fled the scene..... Not getting a DUI was on her mind! Blows my mind how some people can get away with things so easily! I guess when you have money you can pay to get out of trouble. 10 days isn't nearly enough for this woman. So glad she a passenger with her to turn her in because we all know she wouldn't have done it. So thankful the girls that were injured are ok !

imho May 14, 2013 10:35 PM

Amazing how when the drunk or high are sober they all of the sudden have "concern" for their children. Please you didn't care about them when you were partying don't start now. Just a word of advice for the next drug addict or alcoholic that goes to court, save the pathetic lies of how much you love and miss your kids; for their sake, because we all know it's BS.