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Ravenna seeks bids for trash program

By Diane Smith | Staff Writer Published: May 21, 2013 4:00 AM

Ravenna City Council's Finance Committee gave the go-ahead to seek bids for a citywide trash pickup. However, several council members say they expect the bids will be so high that the program will be trashed.

Several residents and business owners came to Monday's meeting hoping that council would decide to scrap the program.

Councilman Frank Seman told Richard Loftin, owner of Fabet Waste, that he doesn't think Loftin would lose any customers, because even if the city decides to implement the program, Loftin's customers will be able to opt out.

"I don't want your business to be affected by one customer," he said. "We have no idea what the costs are. So let's find out. I think they're going to be way too high."

Several council members stressed that just seeking bids doesn't mean the program will be implemented, and it is too premature to decide if the program will be put on the ballot, as some have suggested. If the costs are too high, they said, the program will not go any further.

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Loftin and his customers said the program would hurt local haulers, because they wouldn't be able to compete with larger ones.

Chris Leeseberg of Cimmaron Lounge said his business has no place to put a Dumpster, so he has his trash hauled three times a week. He said after R&R Sanitation won the bid from Kent, his costs increased. He said he called Fabet, which cut his bills by 33 percent.

He added that the city's proposal, which also would require that all trash in each ward must be picked up on the same day, would not work for his business.

Resident Steve Miley said the city's hauler would affect seniors and people with disabilities, who can't take their trash to the curb. Local haulers like Fabet, he said, offer services that work with such people.

"Can we be that cold to our seniors?" he said.

In related news, the committee agreed to seek bids for a community cleanup this summer. Bidders can decide to pick up items on one weekday city-wide, or one day per ward. There would be no Saturday pickup.

At Loftin's request, council also added another option that would offer a centralized place to put a bin instead of curbside pickup. However, several council members said they were concerned that such a program would be too big of a change for residents, particularly seniors, who may not have a way to take their items to the Dumpsters.

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rolltribe May 29, 2013 3:20 PM


This is who the commissioners chose?

anonymous May 23, 2013 5:35 PM

Well if you are going to try to put some people out of business, why dont you do it the way you use too? I remember when trash was picked up by the city free of charge. You tax money paid for it. Then they said, "It could be done cheaper by using private businesses." Now they are saying one private business can do it cheaper. **** you can not get cheaper than free. We should get something four our tax dollar.

lamberts May 21, 2013 7:14 AM

Exactly! Large companies will low ball the bids and small companies can not compete, wording will be tricky and opt out will not be available. Do not believe for one minute there isn't a hidden agenda. Mayor & service director have one company in mind & just want to sneak this in without producing all the numbers. Why not do an economic impact study to see how many workers will be displaced due to this issue, if you want to call it an issue. Hopefully council will see thru all the misinformation and trash this whole idea!

sebringtwo May 21, 2013 6:52 AM

This idea that the city of Ravenna has for trash program has many flaws that no one is bringing up.

1. The purpose of governemt is to spend our taxes for service such as police and fire protection. Not to creat a business proposal to hurt local business's. It is a well establish fact that the city administration is not FOR local business at any time. Bica always wants to bring out-of-town business IN to hurt the local business. Bica does not promote "BUY LOCAL".

2. To do the trash pick-up in the city in one day requires a large company with many trucks in which Fabet Waste does not have. This proposal puts the local company at a major disadvantage. On rates, the out of town company will cut rates to secure the contract forcing Fabet and other small companies out of business, then they will raise rates later to recover their losses. Again, Bica is NOT FOR LOCAL COMPANIES.


Ian_Maserb May 21, 2013 5:34 AM

Translation: Big trash hauler, bid this at a loss, then later you can raise the price after the local guys have been forced out of business. Anyone care to guess how long before they decide to eliminate opting out?