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Three pets found over holiday weekend, need medical care

By Diane Smith | Staff Writer Published: September 8, 2013 4:00 AM
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The Portage County Animal Protective League is seeking donations to pay for medical care for three pets found in bad shape over the Labor Day weekend.

A beagle mix with a badly injured leg was found in the area of Knapp Road and S.R. 14 in Edinburg last Saturday afternoon after he was apparently hit by a vehicle. Later that night, a Great Dane puppy was found in the Rhodes Road area of Kent, also possibly hit by a car.

On Monday, a woman walking past an apartment dumpster in Ravenna heard a kitten crying. The woman opened a trash bag filled with beer cans and found a tiny kitten covered in fleas and beer, weak and emaciated.

Chalan Lowry, executive director of the PAPL, said the agency's staff named the beagle mix Henry. His front leg had breaks in two places, and since the PAPL can't afford the $5,000 cost of surgery to repair the fracture, the decision was made to amputate his leg. Henry initially wore a splint and the surgery was put off until Friday to give his owners a chance to come forward to claim him..

"But at this point, he's an unowned animal," Lowry said. "He's ours."

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The Great Dane, named Spencer by PAPL staff, had a hip injury, and x-rays showed that the ball of his hip was broken off. The dog already has undergone surgery. He is recovering at the PAPL.

Lowry estimates the two procedures will cost the agency nearly $2,000. In addition, there are costs associated with the feeding, vaccination and neutering of both dogs.

"That hits our wallet," she said.

Once the kitten, named Annie Oakley, was at the shelter, PAPL staff noticed that she had a head tilt, which may indicate a neurological problem or ear infection. The cat also had tapeworms, was dehydrated and in poor health. A veterinarian determined that she was eight weeks old, and she was given fluids, flea medication, a de-worming medication, a bath, food and lots of love.

"We are not sure why someone would have thrown her out like garbage," Lowry said. But we are so thankful someone heard her cries. Her hours inside that bag were numbered."

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Annie is in "one of our best foster homes," and is playing with other pets in the home while undergoing treatment and getting the nutrition she needs.

Lowry said not only was the holiday weekend an unusually busy one for the PAPL, but is part of a busy year overall for injured and sick animals coming to the shelter. Henry's surgery marks the 12th amputation the PAPL has had to do this year, and other injuries and illnesses also are on the increase, with about a dozen animals undergoing lengthy treatment for heartworm. Usually, there are only one or two cases of amputation or heartworm in a year.

"We rely on the community to step up and help us, so that we can help them," Lowry said.

If medical treatment goes well and the dog owners do not come forward, all will be available for adoption in the weeks ahead. If the dog owners come forward, they will be billed for the treatment their dogs underwent, but because of that expense, it is rare for owners to stop forward.

"We'd love to say, 'Here, take them,' but we can't afford to eat that cost," she said. "We'd like to think that if their pet was hit by a car, they would take them to the vet and pay the bill."

The PAPL is the only shelter that takes cats, and always is full, with 130 cats now in the shelter.

To make a donation or for more information, call the Portage Animal Protective League at 330-296-4022, visit portageapl.org/Donate_Online or follow the PAPL's facebook page.

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sydney Sep 9, 2013 10:55 PM

@kbm, you must be one of the shelter manager's pet employees/volunteers.  She treats her employees worse than the animals there, unless, like you, are one of her pets.  I was at the meeting when the county pulled funding for the humane officer, had the PAPL kept the former humane officer, funding would have stayed in place.  The PAPL board made fools of themselves in front of the commisioners that day.  Now onto local rescues, there are a few that REFUSE to work with the PAPL, and those who do are not happy with them at all.  I too foster for 2 local rescue groups, their yahoo groups are full of nagative things that the PAPL does on a daily bases.  It is also to the point that the County Dog Warden sometimes refuses to give dogs to the PAPL.  I understand that not all animals can be saved, but they could do a much better job.  They need a board who actually understands how to run a shelter, a manager who cares, a humane officer the does their job, they need to treat ALL animals equal.  The only way the place is going to get better is for the people to stand up and demand that the place be a county run facility and not private.  @123456789, apparently you don't realize that pet medical records are confedential!    @ StevenB, call the county commisionsers, let them know your situation and that the PAPL will not help you.  And kbm, if you don't have the nads to put your name on a post, plese refrain from posting, I have posted on here for the last 7 years and always put my name to my posts, as long as the PAPL puts stories on here, I will continue to post my opinions.


Sydney Harrison

Kent, OH

123456789 Sep 9, 2013 2:33 PM

You should call Stow Kent animal hosp and ask them how many amputations and surgeries the APL has done. It's many.

KBM Sep 8, 2013 9:31 PM

 Annie Oakley is doing well, gaining weight and playing. The next two weeks will be critical for her. Hopefully she will be able to go in with other foster kittens once she gets better.

BTW - I have volunteered with the Portage APL since 1998 and have fostered since 2002 so I have ALOT of history and experience with them. Unfortunately when a person has a so called negative experience they walk away and start to say things about the organization that is NOT accurate or are out right lies. ( Such as why the county only pays the minimum required by LAW for the HO. It was to lower the county's expenses, it had NOTHING to do with the job performance.) I have seen many negative comments about the APL and ALWAYS see inaccurate and exagerated negativity about it in those comments. The Portage APL is supported by voluntary donations and fund raisers and do not get monetary support from the local governments even though their services are used by all of the municipalities in Portage County. I would love to address the negative inacuracies and lies in the comments I read but there isn't enough space. The Portage APL does have problems, but I challenge any one to find an organization which does NOT have problems. Yes they could do some things differently but they do the best they can with the resources they have. They CAN NOT save all animals, and I have personally fostered numerous animals that have had amputations and other extensive medical care, both dogs and cats! The Portage APL has limited space and limited resources so they DO work with other animal rescue organizations in the best interest of the animals. The animals are NOT pawned off on the other rescues, they cooperate with each other in the best interest of the animals in the local community. Here we go again - The same negative comments continually come from the same poster starting to sound like a broken record, commenting on things OVER 3 years ago. The commentor really needs to update her material. Yes I have had some negative experiences with the PAPL but things do not change or get corrected if you walk away and then spread negativity, inaccuracies and outright lies. These are the ones who truly DO NOT care about the animals.

StevenB Sep 8, 2013 7:51 PM

I have to agree with Sydney, I recently called the PAPL about my neighbors horses and goats that appeared to be in bad shape.  I spoke to the humane officer Kathy, she told me that the PAPL does not handle farm animals and to call Happy Trails in Ravenna.  So I contacted Happy Trails, a nice lady returned my call and appoligized that Happy Trails can not legally do anything about it, that the PAPL is the "legal authority" for Portage County.  So I called Kathy back and told her what Happy Trails told me.  She got all snotty on the phone with me and told me WE DO NOT HANDLE FARM ANIMALS!  So now what do I do?  No one from the PAPL will return my calls.




sydney Sep 8, 2013 4:05 PM

Oh boy, here we go!  First off the PAPL DOES NOT treat dogs for heartworm, they euthanize them or pass them off to a rescue group!  They will NOT spend a dime to treat a dog with heartworm!  Over the last few months the PAPL has lost major donors because the truth about the place is slowly coming out.  It is run by a board of idiots!  A bunch of on-site shelter idiots. My  heart goes out to the workers at the shelter who truly care about these animals and have to watch daily as the management of the place euthanizes the very animals they care for. The humane officer spends more time feeding and caring for the dogs at the shelter than actually taking care of enforcing the law and forcing people to care for their animals.  How many cases has the PAPL taken to court over the last 3 years?  I can answer that, ZERO, notta one!  The place pawns off so many great adoptable animals to rescue groups, why?  Because they need treatments of some sort, the PAPL pays practically nothing for sick animals.  Their answer is euthanize them!  I also have NEVER known the PAPL to pay for an amputation, again the answer, euthanize it.  This place lies so bad to the community it is unreal.  Why do you think the county does not pay the wage for the humane officer anylonger?  Because the last 2 humane officers do not do their jobs!  Over 3 years ago they fired the best humane officer the county ever had, why?  Because he was out there doing his job and exposed what was really going on behind the scenes at the PAPL.  I have a mother-in-law who is a volunteer at the PAPL, she tells me the horror stories about the place.  Please people, call and write the county commisioners to force them to do a study about the place and bring in people who care about animals.   It is so sad.  I am sorry these animals got hurt, I am more sorry the PAPL is caring for them.  I can assure you they are not getting the best care they deserve!  Please donate to our local rescues, they are the real heros here, they care and love these animals 100 times more than the PAPL does.  Please feel free to call the PAPL and ask questions, you will only be told lies.  I am sorry I live in a county that cares so little for all these 4 legged critters.

Sydney Harrison

Kent, OH