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'No progress' in Rotek negotiations

By Mike Lesko | Aurora Advocate Published: December 17, 2013 4:00 AM
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United Steelworkers Local 8565 president Bill Hyslop said there was "really no progress" to report following a bargaining session Friday. Union members have been picketing in front of Rotek on S.R. 43 in Aurora for 11 months.

"We're still at odds over a couple issues including wages," Hyslop said. "I'm frustrated at the lack of progress. I don't think either side was really happy when we left (the meeting)."

Kellie Harris, director of media and communications for ThyssenKrupp of North America, the parent firm of Rotek, said Rotek is "very disappointed" following the latest round of negotiations.

"It is disheartening after (nearly) a year that the union did not present anything significantly new in its proposal," Harris said. "We urge them to come back to the (bargaining) table to help us finally resolve the issue."

Harris said in May the union rejected a settlement offer, and Rotek began the process of hiring replacement workers if Rotek employees on the picket line did not return to the jobs. Now, that has become a sticking point in the negotiations, according to Hyslop.

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Hyslop said Rotek "wants to protect the replacement workers. That's not acceptable -- for the replacement workers to be there for about six months and for them to be ahead of our members (in seniority). (Rotek officials) said they would bring our people back as openings occurred."

Harris declined to specifically discuss negotiations, saying, "We believe negotiations should be held around the (bargaining) table directly between Rotek and the union."

"We appreciate the dedication and commitment of all our employees," Harris added. "We hope we can make more progress. We hope to protect all our employees and the company and move forward. We're extremely disappointed that the union doesn't have the same mindset."

Hyslop said no new negotiations have been scheduled.

"I don't know what the next step is," he said.

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Harris added, "It's in the union's hands."

The union has picketed at the site since Jan. 18.

A hearing officer from the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services' Office of Unemployment Compensation has ruled that workers had been locked out and are eligible for benefits. The company has appealed the decision.

Hyslop said Rotek makes aluminum gun turret bearings for Hummers.

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witness123 Dec 22, 2013 12:55 PM

You mean the same insurance that everyone else in the company has? I remember when the insurance was 100% free, do you? It's just a sign of the times my friend . Deal with it. Thank your friends in DC.

devilcat37 Dec 22, 2013 12:19 PM

Yes witness dumbass...we know only 40-50% will go back in those doors...we know that at this point the wage cut or freeze isn't the issue. Its the insurance and we not accept cobra or whatever they say we get when they want..we want the same insurance we had..and IF the company can prove they need cuts the union would.. but ...THEY REFUSE TO PROVE ANYTHING

witness123 Dec 22, 2013 10:43 AM

Did the union tell you they didn't present an offer that froze wages?

Did they tell you only half of the 125 proud union members working at the time of strike will have jobs due to the company's restructuring plan?

Did they tell you it will take years to settle the strike in the court system if the N.L.R.B. does rule in your favor?

Of course not!!

It's not in the committee's best interest, at the expense of yours.

devilcat37 Dec 21, 2013 11:17 PM

My truth is in the letters from rotek....when this is over and we are declared victorious, just like the state of Ohio has already said...the only ones laughing will be local 8565

anonymous_54702 Dec 20, 2013 6:29 PM

Your "Truth" is what the union leadeship pours into your brainless heads and tells you what to believe, then you just repeat it like parrots... Get a real job! You dummies have lost any support you could possibly hope for from the Aurora community. We are all sick of your crap.. You are a bunch of slobs with your shacks, you give the cops a bunch of crap and waste thier time, and when we are all on our way to and from work we all laugh at how stupid you all are. Your "cause" is completely laughable has truly become the laughing stock of Nothern Portage County..

devilcat37 Dec 20, 2013 2:34 AM

Spoken as a true SCAB....you believe what you wish, I know the truth....

ProudUnionMan Dec 19, 2013 11:53 PM

By definition, you and your union are losers. You are losing. Make no mistake that you and your union don't have any ground to stand on anymore.

It's funny that you don't deny anything I said either, probably because you can't because it's true. I give you credit for admitting that at least. And I do tell you whats up everytime I drive by you guys on my way to work. You're deadbeats who refuse to support your families, so that makes me the boy? Your insults actually sound like a little kid throwing insults around. Would you like me to stop by, why so you and your drinking buddies can stand there and harass me, we all know you won't do anything because when we stopped by before your buddies just tucked your tail between your legs and walked away, you're not worth my time, I've got a JOB to go to. I'm sure you'll try and say I'm just scared (another childish insult) everyone laughs at you losers and not just at Rotek Inc, everyone. It's funny how ignorant you idiots are. Shouldn't you be looking for new jobs instead of sitting infront of a computer. I'm done with this conversation by the way, again you're not worth my time, you're not worth anyone's time. Loser

devilcat37 Dec 19, 2013 8:01 PM

Union is broke ?....prove it!!....and proudunionman is I'm sure a scab...if you want to call any of us losers and such be a man and stop by to tell them...otherwise you show that you are nothing more then a gutless boy...

anonymous_54702 Dec 18, 2013 8:05 PM

Well, dummies,  I am working and I am not on unemployment sitting around griping that my overblown and bloated union entitlements that cause companies to lay off and move have ended... That's a FACT I know for sure. Have fun finding new jobs when those Germans pull out of Aurora and move to Mexico or China and you all have to start living in those shacks you guys built. Throw another pallet in the burn barrell boys!! Incidentally, because I work hard and advance on my merits and dont suck the entitlement teet of the union, my family will be having a fantastic Christmas and an even better new year this year..  My corporate bonus structue doubled this year, thanks to high operational perfornace and "evil profits"!! everyone of my 155 non-union, hard working employees are recieving them this year..

SSFF, I have ZERO ties to that company. I just have seen the quality of the union worker deteriorate horrifically over the decades.. They destroed Detroit and gave foriegn competion a huge advantage over the American auto industry in product quality and price... Good job on being a part of an entitlement culture and negative change that has driven the former manufacturing might of the United States right into the welcoming arms of China and Mexico!!!  I painfully watched a company that I do business with completely outsource it's maintenance / facilities department and lay off 200+ employees across the country because the "union" would not give an inch to REASONABLE concessions.. A large percentage of those people are still unemployed. What was the result??  Did the outsourcing fail?? NOPE!! The performance and service actually got significantly better!!  Why?? Because the workers that replaced them could be actually held accountable for thier performance!! There is a concept that the union culture just dosent really get...  Go sing your songs of "poor me the union man" to someone who buys into that garbage..

 "imaho", having to resort  to correcting spelling and / or grammar in a debate is the fisrt sign that your argument has low merit and you have lost.. Union teachers!!! Yeah, right!! The teachers unions certaily have helped the educational system in the U.S.. !!   ROTFL!!!!! Are you delusional???

drs, your "manners" are certainly impecable aren't they??? And we certainly have MAJOR child labor problems around here dont we?? LMFAO!!  The minimum wage argument sailed away years ago when the national minmum wage act was started.. .. Can't beleive you pulled that moldy old card.. You are a typical union, double standard, drink the kool aid dummy..

Lastly, Congratulations to all of you dummies for STRONGLY supporting our current democratic administration in the last presidential election whose Obamacare initiative has helped significanlty drive up the cost of your and everyones health care.... Which is very likey why you are all standing around that barrell freezing your Arses off...

ProudUnionMan Dec 18, 2013 7:17 PM

While unions were useful in the early 1900s to establish fair work conditions and protect workers rights, today they are mostly useless. They're clubs that protect bad workers. The union in aurora has had reports of multiple people being fired for insubordination, sleeping on the job, failing to show up for work, and the union gets their jobs back through lengthy proceedings that cost all the other good workers money through union dues. The workers claim a 20-30% paycut, when in reality it's closer to 10-15% for anybody who's worked there over 5 years. They also fail to mention that they were making about 50 to 80% more than the average non union steel worker. So they deserve more because.....? It's not a skilled trade union, that would require prior education and training before being hired, like an electrician, so stop claiming to be skilled.

The Union is broken and the guys that sit outside still in the cold claim to be proud workers fighting for their rights and family, but they're just bad workers scared of working in a non union place where they can't sleep on the job and do the bare minimum. If your out there for your family, your wife and kids either have really low standards for you, or they secretly think you're a loser. They sit outside and drink beer all day and night (when their union lawyer says he runs a non alcoholic strike), make obscene gestures at traffic, yell racial slurs, and harass the "scabs" who are just going to work trying to support their own families. They put up signs comparing their "struggle" to the holocaust, people just driving down the road get lasers shined in their eyes, and they've had the cops called on them multiple times for spitting on guards and walking out in the middle of the road drunk. Then they come on websites like this to talk about how tough they are for sitting outside once or twice a week and how they're real men... 

Give it a break, the reason people trash your signs and aurora Is shutting down your shanty town is because people hate you guys, quit embarrassing yourselves AND GET A JOB!

drs Dec 18, 2013 10:12 AM

Anonymous_54702 the only "dummy" I see on here is you! Do your research before you make a comment like that. If it wasn't for unions minimum wage wouldn't exist companies would be able to take more advantage of their workers than they can now. Oh yeah and child labor laws, I could go on and on. Did your mommy ever teach you any manners? Or just drop you on your head? PROUD TEAMSTER DAUGHTER AND VERY PROUD UNION SUPPORTER!!!!!

imho Dec 18, 2013 8:43 AM

Wow, Anonymous_54702 you have the audacity to call Union Workers "dummies" when you haven't a clue how to spell "THEIR".  I am just suprised you knew enough to use the "ei" or in your case the "ie" version!  But the rest of us "union dummies" know which their, there, they're to use because we were taught by union teachers.  Just some information for yourself, the "union dummies" with Rotek haven't been able to agree on the contract because this company has made a profit hand over fist every year.  So why should they take concessions when the company hasn't had a loss?  Oh I know because "everyone else has".  Shame on these "union dummies" for wanting to make a wage they can live off of and provide for thEIr families! 

StandStrongForFamilies Dec 17, 2013 9:35 PM

Anonymous_54702: so which salary individual are you? Since you have been posting on every article, how much are they paying you? Quit hiding behind the screen and be a real man.

Sitting behind a desk, looking out the windows wishing you had the support and strength that these men have. Its sad that your job is probably on the line and its just a matter of time before they let you go.

Again the useless comments always come from those behind the problem or those associated with the problem..you pick!


writesomething Dec 17, 2013 8:56 PM

OK. How do you know what's being proposed? Are you a part of their negotiating team? You probably love Wal-Mart workers struggling to make end meet. It's OK they need welfare and food stamp benefits too, isn't it? Maybe if they had a union in there, your taxes wouldn't be subsidizing their existence. Union jobs provide a living wage, quit bashing the middle class.  

anonymous_54702 Dec 17, 2013 7:54 PM

These dummies just dont get the fact that thier union has been broken.. They should beg for thier jobs back and hope for the best in lieu of sitting around a burn barrell in shacks hoping thier union reps will help them!! ... It's over boys!! Take your consessions like the rest of America and get your shiftless @sses back to work and quit living off unemployment.. Let the union support dummy comments begin...