Murder in Windham Township


A Windham Township man, Joseph E. Thornton, has been charged with the murder of his 39-year-old nephew in the home they shared.

Thornton, 48, was arrested by deputies from the Portage County Sheriff's Office on Christmas night after a relative of the victim, Jason Canan, called authorities because he had been told Canan may have been shot.

Deputies and officers from the Garrettsville Police Department responded to the residence at 9889 S. Chapel St. and found Canan dead inside the home, according to information from the sheriff's office.

Thornton was arrested and is in custody in the Portage County Jail without bond. He has been charged with murder and is set to be arraigned Friday.

Pick up a copy of Friday's Record-Courier for more details.

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  • My prayers and thoughts go out to this family. It is a very sad situation but this had NOTHING to do with the park itself. This was a domestic dispute that got out of hand.  This has nothing to do with my safety as a renter or yours as a renter. And for Mr. Sunshin, first, learn to spell so we can half understand what your opinion is. You deserve your opinion just as I do.  But you are fooling yourself if you think this has anything to do with roads or water. This was a domestic dispute that went bad.  And if you think there is drug activity in your neighborhood....CALL THE POLICE...or the Portage County Drug Task Force. That is your obligation if you know a crime is being committed. Again, a man lost his sad for the families involved.


  • Prayer's for Joe and his Family..Stay strong for each other..You will get through this..


  • momofone, I have a strong feeling sunshin is actually redlegs. He made up that bs story and name today just to post some nonsense to make renters and/or trailor park dwellers look uneducated. That is his modus operandi. Very simple minded. 

  • To sunshin who is going to pay for the patrols? I bet you don't even pay your rent on time. You need to mind your own business.

  • I also live in the park and all I have to say is that I know a lot of the elderly and they are not afraid to live here just because one person does something wrong doesn't mean the park is wrong. If the previous person who posted doesn't like living here move. Also to the previous poster if you're going to post something learn how to spell you make yourself sound stupid.

  • This is sad. My heart breaks for Joe and his famil and for Jasons family.

  • i rent here and the owner,s of this park turn thair back,s on complates here the roads are bad the water is horable smells tasts bad they over look it ,they need to have securety drive around here at night and day time too, thairs a lot of drug selling even personal med,s are sold here.... the garrettsville police need to go thew here they are a good police force ...but this place needs to be watched i,ve lived here for 6 years and it,s goten bad ........

  • we live here thair has been other things here that need the att, of the police dept, allways trouble here i see drugs sold perction drugs sold they do noting here the owners look the other way !!! oldre people here are scared here , they won,t talk about it eather becuess they are scared too ......