Tommie Jo Marsilio to resign as Portage commissioner


Portage County Commissioner Tommie Jo Marsilio confirmed today that she intends to resign her elected office in late January. Marsilio said she has taken a job with the Ohio Turnpike Commission which starts Jan. 24.

Marsilio, a Republican, was elected in 2010, defeating Democrat Vicki Kline

Marsilio took the seat of Democrat Chuck Keiper, whom Kline defeated in the primary. She was the first Republican elected to the county board of commissioners since Janet Esposito in 1992.

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  • To the person commenting on Bill Steiner being Tommy Jo's "puppet"...dig this genius...had you been paying attention you would have figured out that Steiner has been tirelessly working to keep the district open as well as keeping it efficiently operational keeping several county residents employed unlike Tommy who made no secret  she wanted to close the District  and privatiize it's services --that  can hardly be characterized as puppet like. Before you make erroneous, uneducated comments get your facts straight.   No wonder you had threats of being sued ! 

  • This could be the best thing to happen to Portage County government in years!  Good luck Ohio Turnpike Commission!  You will need it!! Bye, bye Tommie Jo!

  • Lets hope that whoever takes her spot demostrates some budgetary discipline with our county's funds.

    She gave the sheriff and her sheriff buds a blank check to spend and spend some more....

  • Hopefully this means she won't throw her hat in the ring for Judge Enlow's seat.

  • No great loss!  She never really was interested in the people Portage of  County --she was only ever interested in furthering her own personal agendas!  

    Hopefully, she will not throw her infamous temper tantrums at the Turnpike Commission or sue

    them--- or maybe she will to continue to embarrass herself.  Good riddance!

  • Well atleast she gets to resign unlike all the county employees that while she was in office have lost their jobs. The unemployed county employees didnt have that ability to resign they received pink slips. If they didnt get a pink slip they were scared into believing that their jobs were being phased out. so they took less paying jobs just to ensure they could support their families. This was one of the biggest election mistakes made in portage county.

    I would go on to say more but during her time in office when I would make comments about her on here or send direct to her email. I was warned I would be sued if I didnt stop bringing out the things that were told not only to county employees but to the public in general.

    Next time before you vote remember politicians are paid to tell you what you want to hear. so listen a little closer and make your vote count.

    can we expect the resignation of bill steiner next?? for all those who dont know he is the director at the county recycling center. or also know as puppet #1. he was put in place to ensure tommie jo would be voted in.

    if anyone is having a glad you are leaving party for tommie jo please let everyone know.