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Owner 'Chef' Bill Thompson turns over reins of Streetsboro's Stringz & Wingz

Complaint regarding donations sent to prosecutor's office

Bob Gaetjens | The Gateway News Published: January 13, 2014 1:46 PM

Stringz & Wingz Owner “Chef” Bill Thompson said he’s giving up ownership of the restaurant and entertainment venue at Streetsboro Plaza, effective Jan. 15.

Taking over as owners are current minority partners Steve Mathis and Robert Kale, as well as General Manager Kyle Kendrick, according to a Jan. 13 news release from Thompson.

Streetsboro Family Days Founder Chuck Kocisko filed a police report Dec. 30, which alleged Thompson hadn’t yet paid to Streetsboro Family Days about $28,726 from a fundraising concert for Streetsboro Family Days regular Sonny Geraci’s family, according to Streetsboro Police Lt. Darin Powers. 

Thompson said bad publicity from the event moved him to part ways with Stringz & Wingz.

“That way, [the new owners] can salvage the business,” he said. “I’ve just been dragged through the mud.”

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Geraci has been recovering for about 18 months from an aneurysm, and the funds are to be used to help defray medical costs. Powers said the case has been handed over the Portage County Prosecutor’s office.

Thompson said he plans to pay $23,860 to the Geraci family directly sometime this week via his attorneys, bypassing Streetsboro Family Days in the transaction. Thompson said he had earlier planned on donating about $4,796 in expenses that he no longer plans to donate, which accounts for the lower figure he plans to pay the family.

For more, please see the Jan. 15 issue of The Gateway News.

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skinny2 Jan 17, 2014 1:10 AM

Have any of the Chef Bill defenders looked at the Summit County Clerk of Courts website to research what judgements and/or Leins have been placed against him?  How about in Portage County?  Quit defending his actions and admit he is dishonest. Stealing (or even "borrowing") funds collected on false pretenses is just plain wrong, Regardless of how many times the Court has found you in default and has ruled against your favor. It sure seems like this isn't the first time he has not paid money where he has been obligated. Arm yourself with the FACTS before you defend him. Look into it, then decide if you still want to stand up for him....

cindee Jan 14, 2014 1:11 PM


You are definitely clueless. Chef Bill is the crook here. Chuck is the one who is genuinely involved in the community. 

MLM123 Jan 13, 2014 8:47 PM

This is actually not true. I am Steve's daughter & no one that was said to be taking over the restaurant is taking it over. My dad is definently not going to own this restaurant so this is false information. Chef bill is still owner of it & will be until it shuts down. Chef bill keeps putting out false information to make himself look better. Just talked about how rediculous it is that bill keeps "insisting" that they are taking the bar when they absolutely refuse to take ownership of it what so ever. Smh.

sk8rjason Jan 13, 2014 2:37 PM

Chuck Kocisko seems to be trying to cover for his own actions. He received check payments for over 300 tickets as well as all the check donations and raffle payments yet he has not accounted for any of that money. He has no problem publicly attacking a man who has helped several people in the community, so he should produce detailed recoreds showing where all the money he took in went. He previously said no money has gone to Sonny Geraci, well since all the money he took in was after expenses money it should have all gone to Sonny, let's see some proof that it has!