Portage County Courthouse, county facilities will be closed Tuesday


The Portage County Courthouse and other county facilities will be closed on Tuesday, due to the weather. Closed facilities include the Administration Building, the Probation Department, the Juvenile Court, and Job and Family Services.

For more information, call 330-297-3861.

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  • Hey dowhatsright can you read?  For more information, call 330-297-3861

    Sounds like Judge Enlow is in for scolding from the dowhatsright. Sure would like to see that!

  • dowhatsright - As presiding administrative judge, Judge John Enlow ordered the courthouse closing.

    Dave O'Brien


    I wish my office would close because its cold are you kidding me?

  • Why are they closed? Will they be paid for the day? Are they children? The last time they did this the water pipes broke and noone  was there to turn off the water. Who has the authority to make this call?