Community reacts to Garrettsville fire


A landmark block in downtown Garrettsville was destroyed by fire this afternoon in a massive blaze that filled the area with clouds of billowing black smoke that could be seen for miles. 

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  • Fire spreads very rapidly,   Don't fault the Fire Departments.  These buildings are quite old and historic and they will burn rapidly.  This was a horrible situation and most unfortunate.  Garrettsville is one of the more beatiful towns in Portage and the historical history of that town is immense.

    This was a great loss for all whether you were into history or not.  And for the merchants who have serviced their community for years, I feel for them.  I loved shopping in Garrettsville once is a while.  People there were always friendly from what I have experienced.

    You got a sense of that not being rushed atmosphere.  Wonderful town.

    This is quite disheartening.

    Martin Fleming

  • Old buildings mean fast burning fire.............................At least nobody was seriously hurt in this awful fire.

  • sezwho - Garrettsville has a police department and a joint fire district with several surrounding communities. The fire moved very quickly through these old buildings despite the efforts of 34 fire departments.

    Dave O'Brien

  • Does Garrettsville not have any safety department (fire&police) to speak of?

    I mean how do they let half the town burn to the ground in this day and age???