'Actual innocence' ruled in Gondor/Resh trial

Record-Courier Staff Report Published:

Bob Gondor and Randy Resh, convicted of the 1988 murder of Connie Nardi, have been found to be "actually innocent." In his ruling today, retired Summit County Common Pleas Judge Marvin Shapiro stated that the two were "wrongfully imprisoned individuals."

See Tuesday's Record-Courier for details on this story.

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  • Yes, it takes another visiting judge in order for the truth to come out.  I really hope that the Portage County voters take notice and QUIT, for the love of humanity, voting VVV into office.  I REALLY hope they don't vote Muldowney in for a judge either.  What a disaster this office is.

    Let us not forget that Tyrone Noling is STILL sitting on death row because of David Norris, Ron Craig and the rest of the good old boys.  Same team that wrongfully incarcerated Resh and Gondor.

  • Judge Shapiro is an honest man of integrity decency and kindness. He has righted a wrong that has gone on for too long. Let's not ever forget that this is the same prosecutors office that produced the likes of Norris and Plough. 

  • Another fine job by an out of county Judge......

  • Thank goodness!  About time that the shenanigans of the Portage County Prosecutors office we over and one with after 26 years.  I truly hope they waste no more of the taxpayers money by appealing Judge Shapiro's ruling.

    Justice has prevailed finally!!