Kent State trustees vote for 2% tuition increase

By Jeremy Nobile | Staff Writer Published:

Kent State University trustees approved a 2 percent tuition increase today that will take effect this coming fall semester.

The increase is projected to raise an additional $6.3 million in annual revenue, said spokesman Eric Mansfield. Combined with the 4.5 percent increase in tuition for the College of Podiatric Medicine, the university estimates collecting $11 million in new tuition revenue next year.

Gregg Floyd, KSU senior vice president for finance and administration, said half of that revenue will fund student scholarships across the college’s eight-campus system, while the other half will be applied toward costs, including staff salaries.

The increase will raise tuition to $10,012 per year for undergraduates and $10,652 for graduate students — an increase of $196 and $208, respectively. Officials say Kent State will remain seventh out of Ohio’s 13 universities in terms of tuition costs despite the increase.

Note: This story was updated May 29 to reflect the 2 percent tuition increase by itself will raise $6.3 million. 

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  • To the KSU students:  the residents of Kent apologize for the greed of the University.  If we had a vote in the increase, we would have said no. 

    @ redleg:  lol on the pizza's.  Kent has been pulling this pizza cost campaign for over 10 yrs.   Doesnt say much for the education if tax increases need to be explained by pizza cost.  Soon they will have to use the cost of a SLICE of pizza. 

  • $196.00, only the price of maybe 11 or 12  3 item large pizza's. Besides, these educators need the money.

  • Well here we go again, sock it to the students and pay these people more money for nothing. We are pricing the students out of a college education. Build those building in as many places as you can the students can carry a bigger debt.  Then when they get out of school it will only take them 30 years instead of 20 year to pay the debt off. We have them trapped by their debt now for life.

    The first thing a student going to college should learn is that anytime the government is involved the cost of the item is grossly overpriced. Before they made it possible to borrow money to go to college the tuition was reasonable. You could afford it by working part time. Now it will take you years to pay it off. We should be ashamed of our selves by allowing this to happen. The CEO of the university is way over paid as is most of the staff.