Students show Raven Pride


Students earn Raven Pride! Cards at Ravenna High School for being respectful, having good attendance, making good choices, striving for excellence, and never giving up. Raven Pride! winners select a reward prize and are also guests at the monthly Raven Pride! Luncheon sponsored by a business, community member, or organization, which is provided by Guido's of Ravenna. April's Raven Pride! sponsors were Maureen Frederick, Kathleen Chandler, Tommie Jo Marsilio, and Mickey Marozzi. Winners were, front row from left, Sarina Mansell, Shaina Hornsby, Alaina Marks and Erin Hanna; second row, Amber Albright, Caitlin Wise, Elizabeth Arbogast, Tarryn Rogers, Jacob Blankenship, Gina Nagella, Angelina Trenter and Steven Feeney; and third row, Devon Reese, Anthony Banks, Nathan Hathaway, Dominic Butcher, and Thaddeus Stanford. Other winners were Alyssa Suto, Greg Bush, A.J. Whipkey, Kaylee Gibbons, Julia Menteer, and Aleaya Pervall.

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  • This shows how far the education system has deteriorated. Awards for being respectful, good attendance? When I went to school in the 50's & 60's respect & good attendance was the norm. You may have gotten an award for Perfect Attendance. The paddle for disrespect. Next the Ravens will be giving awards for using the bathroom or staying awake in class. What a shame.