God driven out, evil takes over


In watching the news coverage of the murders at the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut, I noted that commentator after commentator grappled to explain this horrid event by essentially saying that evil had visited that community.

This is surely true. But it is also revealing. For what is evil but a contrast to God's law? Yet it is God (and the Ten Commandments) who has been systematically driven out of American public life, especially the schools, beginning in the 1950s and accelerating ever since.

If this had not been the case, I have to believe that there would have been far few of such atrocities. If the killers believed that a quick bullet to their head did not end their responsibility for the evil they've done but just began it, perhaps that would have stayed the trigger finger of many of them.

Peter Skurkiss, Stow

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  • trawl...parents responsibility is a foregone conclusion. A responsible partent would have insisted responsibility and accountability in school too. Or, paid for private education or home school. Our public school system is an absolute failure. "It's for the kids"...is the code words for "give me more money or else".

  • Thanks Conservative_Bill, you made my day when you placed responsibility for teaching accountability, responsibility and morality on the SCHOOL and NOT at home FROM THE PARENTS where those lessons are suppose to be learned!!! Nothing like seeing a Conservative known for complaining about others not taking responsibility trying to dodge responsibility by placing on public schools the responsibility for teaching those things the Parents are themselves responsible for. You made my day, Bill. Next thing you know we'll be responsible for teaching the children table manners.

  • The "talking heads" on tv are jsut wonderful too. Preaching Congress has to control arms. Constitutionally Congress can do nothing to limit ownership of arms, except amend the Constitution. States can limit or restrict arms but not the FEds. So if any of the talking heads are serious they must start with a Constitutional amendment like they did in 1920 with the 18th amendment which was amendended again in 1933 with the 21st amendment largely due to unintended consequences.

  • Pretty much right on. There is no accountability nor responsibility nor any morality being taught in schools. We reap what we sow. What would you expect when there is no fear of punishment for your actions?

  • Oh yes peter, had the children been allowed to say their prayers that morning God would have surrounded that school with His Holiness and protected them from the mentally ill killer while Jesus smote the shooter with His eye lasers. .

  • "I agree with Peter, when God left the classroom, 'evil' moved in."