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It's time to value our children

Published: December 20, 2012 4:00 AM

The NRA should be ashamed. They have blackmailed our elected officials with threats of reprisals at the ballot box into doing nothing about limiting assault weapons and clips of ammunition that are only suitable for killing humans. Certainly hunters don't use these when they are killing animals for food. But now we have people using these assault weapons to kill small children in our schools.

What is the NRA's response after four days of silence? Arm the teachers! Make the teachers get six years of college, and oh, by the way, you will need a certificate that you know how to use a gun to teach. Knowing the schools, they will ask the teachers to provide their own guns.

As a retired 40-year teacher, I don't think this is what we want for our schools. It is time society really does what it talks about and values our children. Let's limit access to assault weapons and their deadly ammunition. And let's pay the taxes to get a police presence in all our schools.

Polly Tucker, Kent

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anonymous Dec 23, 2012 3:53 PM


The 2nd amendment is very clear. It gives the citizens the right to bear arms and does not limit the type of arms. The reason it was made was to allow the citizen to defend themselves against a government that wants to take away the peoples rights, as we did in the revolution.. It did not mean that the citizens would be limited to black powder muskets,or to weapons used only for hunting. It plainly said their right shall not be infringed upon.

However, that is not the point I was trying to make. I was trying to show that our government has used crisis to further its agenda. They are not interested in finding the root cause of the problem only in using it to gain its agenda. The plane hitting the building was no more at fault than the gun used at Sandy Hook. It was the people controlling them that was the cause. The same is true for all the examples I gave. We need to understand that all of these people that committed the horrible crimes were mentally ill. Let us concentrate on identifying and stopping them instead of focusing on the inanimate object used.

anonymous Dec 20, 2012 4:48 PM

Typical of a liberal is the belief that every time that the government falls short of being God it is because they haven't taken away enough rights.

The simple fact of the matter is that Alan Lanza had no reason to be in that school but was given admittance anyway! So now every liberal will blame the failure to secure the school building on those not responsible for it. After all, if you can't punish the innocent, who can you punish?

anonymous Dec 20, 2012 1:37 PM

DoWhatsRight, if you want to argue the 2nd amendment, I will, but do not compare guns with planes and doctors, it's a idiotic stance. On one needs a clip that holds more than 10 rounds. I agree with helping the mentally ill, but its not as easy as just institutionalizing people because they don't do it anymore.

anonymous Dec 20, 2012 12:40 PM

Let me see, planes flew into the towers and killed three thousand people. BAN THE PLANES.

A man in China went into their schools and chopped up a number of their children. BAN THE KNIVES.

Cars kill hundred of people every day. BAN THE CARS.

Medical mistakes kill thousands a year. BAN DOCKTORS AND HOSPITALS.

A chemical plant in India poisoned hundreds. BAN CHEMICALS.

This sound kind of silly doesnt it. Well it is no sillier than banning guns because some nut job did not take his medicine. Yes Alan Lanza was on medication and his mother told friends she could not control him. I say BAN THE NUT JOBS.

In the case of cars killing, medical mistakes killing, chemical plants killings and even the case in China, the person was held responsible not the item used to do the killing.

Dian Sawyer reported last evening that numerous parents have tweeter her. The parents are afraid that they have the next Alan Lanza. They say time and again that there kids have mental issues and the parents can not control the children. We use to institutionalize these people, but the mental health people let them run loose in our society. The Mental Health people make millions every year in dispensing the medicine to these people. The Mental health people say they can function normally if the take their medicine, but then the Mental Health people will say, under their breath, that they can not make them take the medicine. Maybe we should BAN THE MENTAL HEALTH PEOPLE and put these people back into institutions where they can be watched and protected and made to take their medication.

anonymous Dec 20, 2012 12:09 PM

Congress cannot limit arms in any way whatsoever. The Bill of Rights specifically keeps the Feds from rstricting arms. The States however, are free to pass any laws they desire. The falicy is thinking a criminal gives a darn about breaking the laws. Myabe what we really need is for all liberals to post a sign in their yard stating that this house is a gun free zone!