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Climate change must become a priority for action

Published: January 25, 2013 4:00 AM

During Monday's inaugural address, as he has done repeatedly since re-election, President Obama again prominently highlighted the "obligation" he and other federal policymakers have to finally and substantively address the climate crisis, adding, "the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations."

We all have an obligation to future generations to take strong action to address climate change to protect ourselves, our children and our grandchildren from ever increasing extreme weather like drought, wildfires and hurricanes and to prevent the associated public health impacts of climate change.

I hope we can come together to provide the president with the public support he needs to move forward with real and significant climate policies and to counterbalance the vigorous opposition the oil and coal industries as well as other big polluters will undoubtedly offer.

Bethany Snyder, Kent

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anonymous Jan 28, 2013 12:20 PM

Lies and fraud from the EPA...and we should believe anything they say about man caused climate change?

anonymous Jan 28, 2013 12:18 PM

"A pattern exists: the EPA creates a fake e-mail account for its administrator to avoid scrutiny; it doesnt produce any of the fake e-mails even though they are required by law to do so; when specifically required by court order, the EPA seeks endless delays; and, when the delaying tactics prove fruitless, EPA fails to provide either the number or the type of e-mails required.

To put it simply, the agency is trying to run out the clock, hoping against hope that people will lose interest and move on to something else. This, in our judgment, must not be allowed to happen.

The point of this scheme was to evade public accountability, to conduct official government business under the table, outside of the public eye. When Congress and others asked for Ms. Jacksons EPA correspondence and email, the Richard Windsor e-mails would fall outside that request and, eventually, be destroyed allowing official EPA business to be conducted secretly. That falls well short of conducting business in the open and in a transparent fashion. It also falls well short of the standards required by federal law.

"Despite EPA's 'everyone does it' line -- the lesser-known, somewhat inconsistent subtitle to 'most transparent administration, ever' -- Richard Windsor appears to be the first false identity assumed to hide a senior federal official's public records, Horner says. One reason for this might be that it's against the law. The readiness with which we already know other administration officials, including lawyers, accepted the practice suggests Windsor wasn't the only such false identity Obama officials have created to subvert federal record-keeping and disclosure laws."

Yes, America, this e-mail scandal is worse than originally believed. Far worse. And if everyone does it in this Administration as the EPA has claimed, President Obama needs to answer some questions as well. And the United States Senate, which has slew of presidential nominees to confirm in the next few months, has the obligation to start asking."

George Landrith

anonymous Jan 27, 2013 8:06 PM

JustaThought reading comprehension appears to be a rampant problem among conservatives nowadays. I have NEVER stated that democrats are the majority I have never said I am a democrat. I have never said I support the democrat party. What I do say is the majority dislike and are against conservative republicans, especially those obnoxious teabaggers. It's to bad the words you read don't make into your thick skull. JustaThought

anonymous Jan 27, 2013 8:30 AM

taggr, you go on about the democrats being the majority and how they are the ones trying to save us all from ourselves. maybe you should take a closer look at the makeup of the democratic party. You have some highly educated people. You then have the union workers and being in a union in no way attests to ones intellect. when looking at the areas which are typicaly heviley democrate though you end up in uraban areas.

anonymous Jan 26, 2013 1:37 PM

Follow the money to see who benefits from climate change theory being man caused.

anonymous Jan 26, 2013 12:08 PM

Redleg6, thank you for pointing out the majority believe global warming is tasking place. That fact is just another nail in that conservative coffin you are being buried deeply in. As I stated, the conservative teabaggers are becoming less and less popular by the minute. They also like to point fingers and blame their problems on others. The majority feel this way. Kind of ironic if you could actually think about it for moment.

anonymous Jan 26, 2013 10:44 AM

Just because the majority thinks there is global warming, doesn't make it right. This planet has been cruising thru outer space for eons. we went thru the ice ages, solar storms, meteor strikes, earthquakes, all kinds of weather before man ever was put on the planet. For the liberal thinker, maybe there is a Creator, maybe he let man rule himself and live the way that seems right to him, and now we are reaping what we sowed. Read the book of Revelation and see what is going to happen to the earth before Christ comes back. Its going to get worse before it gets better. The only way to fix it is for this counrty to repent of our national sins, and believe what we have inscribe on our money In God We Trust.

anonymous Jan 26, 2013 10:26 AM

Funny thing about Climate Change being too sciency, the deniers will point to science to say how the climate has changed before (science = Good) but then deny and ignore all the other science that finds its happening again and humans are adding to it (science = Bad). We know the climate is cyclic from ice core samples which date back upwards of 400,000 years, but many of the deniers think the earth is at most 10,000 years old. So not only does the science of Climate Change escape the deniers so does logic. Then had these people stayed awake in high school chemistry they would know a system in equilibrium can't have the composition of that system changes without changing the state of the system, and there is a minimal amount of physics required, and WHAM, It's all WAY too Sciency so it's easier to simply Deny climate change, scream about Liberal Propaganda remain a Ditto Head.

anonymous Jan 26, 2013 9:53 AM

JustaThought, I am curious. What's your point? Do you agree or disagree that global warming is taking place? It's obvious to me also that humans have an impact on our climate. It appears to me a certain group of people want to deny it just because democrats are leading the way in do something about it. And democrats are the ones getting recognition for taking action. That group of people are becoming less and less popular by the minute. They also like to point fingers and blame their problems on others. Check out the GE article. We call these people conservatives. Bring the bashing on, my thoughts are the thoughts of the majority. How's that for just a thought?

anonymous Jan 26, 2013 5:54 AM

wow trawl "too sciency for many to grasp" You sure come across as quite the intellectual.....That sciency stuff sure is complicated isn't it..... Everyone knows climate change never took place before the industrial revolution, right?

anonymous Jan 25, 2013 6:15 PM

Great point Trawl!!

anonymous Jan 25, 2013 5:51 PM

Climate change is too sciencey for many to grasp so they choose to say climate change doesn't exist. Or maybe they are able to think it through but choose not to because denying climate change irritates the adults. Or maybe they think they'll lose their "Ditto Head" standing. It's pretty obvious to thinking people that humans are impacting the climate and that impact will get more severe.

anonymous Jan 25, 2013 1:33 PM

Richard Muller was, for many years, the world's foremost expert denying the existence of global warming. He is a very smart man. He "has been awarded the MacArthur Prize, the National Science Foundation Alan T. Waterman Award, the Texas Instruments Foundation Founders Prize, the Distinguished Teaching Award, and the Donald Sterling Noyce Prize. He was named by Newsweek as one of top 25 innovators in the US in all fields in 1989, and featured in Forbes Magazine in March 2009. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the California Academy of Sciences. He is the author of over 120 scientific articles and eight books, including Physics for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines (Norton, 2008)."

In 2012 he reversed himself, publicly. "I'm personally very worried," he says of global warming. Muller says that so far the warming has been "tiny," but that everything points to the process speeding up. "I personally suspect that it will be bad."

Muller is also a realist. He endorses, "the process of natural gas extraction called fracking for developing countries, which tend to rely more on coal. Coal production creates more carbon dioxide, but fracking has also drawn its share of environmentalist critics.

"I believe the only kind of action that is sustainable is that which is profitable, and fortunately we can do that," he says. "We can become much more energy efficient."

Denial will only delay trying to identify and compromise on solutions that we will need to implement. As a nation America needs to come together to begin a sincere dialogue. Will we lead or follow?



anonymous Jan 25, 2013 12:32 PM

Leave Mother Nature alone. When man tries to "fix" what doesn't need fixing, then all kinds of clamity will break loose. The climate changes. The scheme is selfish people like al gore raking in $billions off a man caused scam!

anonymous Jan 25, 2013 7:03 AM

China is also experiencing it's coldest winter in decades.

anonymous Jan 25, 2013 6:10 AM

Not going to happen, of course, but leave it to the liberals to post their global warming propaganda on the coldest day of the year. Current temperature: 7 degrees.