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Bus rider decries loss of Ravenna shelters

Published: August 27, 2013 4:00 AM

To Whom It May Concern, to the decision-makers involved:

To my dismay, I saw that the bus shelters in downtown Ravenna were removed. They have been an important feature to me in my little travels to Walmart and on into Kent for various appointments.

I walk two to three blocks to get to the bus stop there (or where the shelter was) and always appreciated a place to sit, especially since wait time for my buses can be 15 to 20 minutes or more at times.

I know, I understand also that those shelters are or can be hangouts for some people, but can't the abuse be curtailed by a now-and-then visit of police presence? Why is it that abusers dictate usage or non-usage of those of us (and I'm assuming that there are other innocent bus users like me) who cause no unsightly or more serious problems in these shelters.

Because I'm almost 72, and walking and standing can be tiring, I wanted to voice this opinion in hopes that other legitimate users, bus wait-ers, might do so also.

Patricia Lamb, Ravenna

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redleg6 Aug 27, 2013 11:55 AM

.The Bench/Shelter Removal Theory:

The building owners/occupants (lawyers/judges) and the pretty people who think they are better than you (the well to do) on the block, by the bench/shelter, didn't like walking past or waiting for traffic, by so-called "UNDESIRABLES" on their way to the courthouse (the discount house of justice) across the street.

Ever wonder who (lawyers perhaps) after all these years, had the warning sign put up in the middle of the street (by the shelter) to tell traffic to stop for people in the crosswalk? Why that Crosswalk/location? How many crosswalks in Ravenna? How many warning signs?

No warning signs by any school crosswalks. .At least I don't think so.

Also, I don't think the Police can HARASS a citizen for minding his/her own business while sitting on a city installed PUBLIC bench/shelter the taxpayers paid for. If they could, the shelter would still be there, and the Police would be citing people for SITTING/TALKING.

Patricia, maybe the Ravenna Chapter of the Good Ole Boys/Girls Club of Portage County thought (profiled ) you were one of the so-called "UNDESIRABLES" since you use the bus service/shelter on a regular basis.

The removal of the bench/shelters is an Abuse of Power at the highest CRONY level.

Remember this on election day.

Ian_Maserb Aug 27, 2013 6:08 AM

Oh no, collective punishment is the best. Ravenna residents are getting so bad that city council is going to have to take away all the services.