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Police facility in Kent has to be replaced

Published: October 18, 2013 4:00 AM

Are you aware of the condition of the Kent City Police building? The longer we keep patching it up the more of our citizens' money we are wasting. The building is falling apart.

Issue 4 on the November ballot doesn't suggest options about if we replace the Police Department facility; it has to be replaced and it will be replaced. It becomes a question of how long do we want to put our money in a building that has outlived its useful life.

My Dad spent a lot of time in that building 55 years ago and changes had to be made then. Thirty years ago, I spent time there and fix-up projects were necessary, and there have been more makeovers since then.

There comes a time when another project won't respond to the need.

Optimistically, when we pass Issue 4 in November we are still at least two to three years away from a new, adequate building for the Police Department. We are wasting money every day that we postpone moving forward.

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Do yourself a favor and join Bruce and me by voting "Yes" on Issue 4 in November.

Nancy Hansford, Kent

Nancy Hansford was mayor of Kent from 1982 through 1986. Her father, Redmond Greer, was mayor from 1960 through 1963.

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resident1965 Oct 18, 2013 10:10 PM

Wow...another crisis is Kent. If, as our former mayor says, the building was inferior back then why didn't she lead our community to replace it back then. Why not her Dad...This crisis is only because of the short sightedness of the past leaders of our police and fire departments. A joint police and fire department was proposed by our former city manager and the two departments did not want a joint building. So now we are being blackmailed by the police department. Our "services" will be cut...will they stop protecting us if the levy fails! That sounds like blackmail to me. Yes I agree a building is needed, the money should come from bonds NOT an income tax. Why is this not a solution? The fire department palace was paid for with bonds why not a new police department and jail? A 30 year "temporary" income tax levy is the wrong way to go about this. An emergency? NO! a made up emergency, YES! Vote NO on this levy and start the process over for a new jail and police department. This is NOT an emergency. Planning is needed for financing this building. Not irrational behavior by this administration. Vote NO.