No surprise people don't trust government


I read Marc Kovac's Dec. 8 column about a small business owner who overpaid taxes to the state of Ohio. We heard about this from a supplier four or five years ago and thought it very strange he could not get his overpayment back. He and his accountant finally gave up after a year. Per Kovac's column, the State has taken and not returned tens of millions of dollars, and then ignored proper requests to get it back then after several years put the money in the general fund. This is grand theft.

The governor has charged the state tax commissioner to fix this issue. I'm sorry but this is not enough. I want to know who is responsible for our government stealing money from us. Why would you not put them in jail? That's what would happen to us if we withheld payment to correct the error.

Very good article. I own a small business and know how hard it is to survive. Several years ago we decided not to give the state access to our checking account to pay taxes. We set a special account just so they could not take extra funds because we suspected we would not be able to get back any mistake we or they made.

This is why people don't trust government. I guess I had higher expectations. I cannot believe someone has not taken legal action of some sort to get some answers.

Mitchell Smith, Ravenna

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  • look, it is very simple. Register as a democrat. democrats are exempt from prosecuttion for tax fraud and non payment of taxes.Just look at how many tax cheats are on obama's staff, even the head of the IRS is a tax cheat.

  • "Yes, as they 'MUST HAVE' LEARNED how to 'STEAL' properly from 'OUR' Federal government's policy of 'OPENNESS' in government!!!"