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Questions handling of Field gun incident

Published: January 26, 2014 4:00 AM

I would like to comment on a recent article, "Brimfield officers reprimanded for weapons discharge at Field school" (Record-Courier, Jan. 18), which is basically about two Brimfield officers that were cleaning their guns while on school duty and accidentally fired a loaded Glock 45 in a Field school building, loaded with school children.

Brimfield Police Chief Oliver (when asked) downplays all this by saying, "This incident did not occur near classrooms, students, civilians, regardless of what the anonymous coward is telling media outlets."

Well, Chief, thank God for this "anonymous coward." You see that's part of the problem here. This "incident" took place Dec. 17 and is just now being reported (Jan. 18, a full 31 days later). I'm sure all parties involved were just trying to crawl through the holidays just hoping this dangerous embarrassment would go away unreported.

But I think we've got something else going on here. Chief Oliver is a real Internet sensation with over 140,000 followers on his daily Chief Babble (how appropriate ) blog. Chief Babble spends a lot of time and makes a lot of money promoting himself. A real PR hig that takes on real drivel topics like pot and rapper Kanye West. (Bet ole Kanye is laughing now.)

The chief is featured on TV, Fox News, radio, newspapers, even hawking a book he wrote called "No Mopes Allowed." Maybe the chief's next book should be titled "No Dopes Allowed ... In School Buildings."

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As a former Field school board member, I get a little irate when I read Brimfield cops are vandalizing and poking Glock 45 holes in the cinder blocks of my newly renovated buildings.

An independent investigation (not a Brimfield police captain) should be ordered to see what was going on with these two officers. Seriously folks, can you imagine an active shooter roaming the halls and these Brimfield officers are playing Pixie Sticks with their guns? Or maybe a student got shot?

While this "incident" is dangerously embarrassing, at least it wasn't tragic like the Sarah Positano shooting and the gas grill defense.

In closing, I have one word of advice for Brimfield Police Chief Oliver and his gang that can't shoot straight: Professionalism -- the skill, good judgment and behavior that is expected from a person to do a job well. Spend more time with the troops.

Kevin P. Cooper, Suffield

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redleg6 Jan 27, 2014 2:17 PM

You can't fix stupid. These officers should be suspended then fired.

Lisa53 Jan 27, 2014 1:30 PM

You are idiotic. Quit talking out of the side if your neck.

mlybarger Jan 27, 2014 12:21 AM

Even though this was seemingly written with a mind full of malice directed more at the Chief than the incident itself, I agree. Even with all the experience the Chief says these two officers have, this poor judgement should not be allowed to just be washed over by the department. This mis-fire could have killed one of the officers, another adult, or a child; regardless of how thick the walls were. Poor judgement is poor judgement. On-duty on-premises security liasions should NEVER be cleaning their weapons on school grounds. Regardless of previous or same day activities, this is not common practice in any school district who employ these armed liasion officers.

Securing ones self in an interior room, out of the way, is not an acceptable defense either. What would these officers have done if they were needed at the other side of the school at this time? How many lives COULD have been taken while they took themselves out of commission by attempting to dismantle or actually dismantling their weapons on the clock?

Although I personally support the Chiefs in your face honesty and have faith in his transparent management practices, this situation in no way should be overlooked by the Field community simply because the Chief says that's how it should be.

"It is only an error in judgement to make a mistake, but it shows infirmity of character to adhere to it when discovered" Christian Nevell Bovee

Mike Lybarger, Ravenna