Use sales taxes to fund schools


Homeowners are asked to place more tax burden on themselves in the way of another school levy in Ravenna and an increase for the Portage County parks in May. Both of these are worthy causes; however, when do these increases to our property taxes stop? Our homes are paid for, but that doesn't mean we own them. If we cannot pay our real estate taxes, we will be forced to sell or the property will be taken over and sold to satisfy taxes owed.

Portage County is one of the poorest in Ohio. It seems more logical to find another source to finance what they are asking us to pay.

An alternative for the parks could be: Charge for parking, Charge those using the parks a fee. Daily, weekly, monthly or a yearly pass could be issued. A few years ago we visited some parks in Arizona that were doing just that.

For the schools, what do other cities and states do? A suggestion which I find to be more fair would be to put a sales tax on everything that is sold and ear mark it for the schools. Everyone pays, not just homeowners.

Shirley Wilson, Ravenna

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  • and it should be illegal for the teacher's union bosses to give teacher's union dues to democrat politicians...

  • DC is an excellent example that spending more money per student does nothing to help the student. DC is spending over $30,000 per student to achieve the worse academic scores and largest drop -out rates. wonder why all the DC ruling class elete residents send their children to private schools?

  • The schools were funded unconstitutionally before Kasich became gov. Democrat or Republican nothing gets done. My state rep. K. Clyde and her cronies worry about how to get elected, and how to take care of the teachers unions, and nothing for the kids or the People.

  • little_r_republican where have you been? The governor has diverted our tax monies from the schools, cities and townships and put them into his rainy day fund. Problem is, now our schools, cities and townships need to find new ways to cover those monies lost due to the governors cuts. This isn't news! 

  • Why do the schools need "new" money? What did they spend all the old money on? What costs went up? We do know the staff is paid more even though many of us property owners cannot earn more. My income has been "fixed" for over 10 years. When the government takes more, I have to cut somewhere else. Usually food and lower temperature of home down to 65F or lower.

  • Good points, Shirley!

    I'm all for charging a slight fee to those who actually use the parks. 

    I believe there are only a handful of states that use property taxes as their main source for school funding like Ohio does.  How do they manage it?


  • The governor of Ohio and only the governor of Ohio is responsible for the above levy requests. Please keep that in mind when voting in November.

  • Well said Shirley.