Passage of levy will keep parks solvent


The Portage Park District will be asking for support by voting for Issue 10 on May 6. The levy is 0.5-mill and will provide necessary funding for parks in Portage County. It will cost a mere $17.50 per $100,000.

This levy will keep our parks solvent by providing funding for sporting, hiking and recreational events.

Lee and Deborah Schaefer, Ravenna

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  • Take a Hike

  • Pay for use fees would keep parks solvent, volunteer help would keep parks solvent, All kinds of ways to keep parks solvent without putting entire burden on residential property owners. Business and rental owners jsut pass the tax on in their fees. Fixed income residential owners cannot genreate more income nor pass it own. They must suffer without something else, like food, or electric (and thanks to greenie weenies this is higher cost than necessary) or gas or daily newspaper...

    Where is the sympathy for retirees?  Many couldn't even physcially use the parks if they wanted to.

    liberals aka democrats can't think of anything other than the confiscation of other people's money. Possibly because none have ever worked a real job or ever ran a business without government subsidy.


  • Every time I receive the park propaganda in the mail, there is a letter in the paper the next day about how the levy will only cost property owners a "Mere" $17.50.

    No new taxes on property owners. If you want to hike and bike, you pay for it.

    Lets fix the roads.