Levy will enhance Portage park offerings


Let's support the Portage Park District levy. For 5 cents a day the owner of a $100,000 home in Portage County can enjoy the following benefits: access to miles of hike and bike trails, pristine parks and picnic facilities, and access to free fishing areas.

For Portage County residents the jewel in the crown is Towner's Woods. We can hike in a beautiful mature hardwood forest with an overlook of pristine Lake Pippin, enjoy excellent cross country skiing in the winter, and the joy of sliding down the best sledding hill in the county.

When we pass the levy, the Portage Park District will open up even more recreational parkland with the old Boy Scout camp on Ferguson Road at the head of the list. This property features a large lake full of fish and hiking trails.

I don't know of a better way to invest a nickel a day. Support the Portage Park District -- vote for Issue 10 on May 6.

Buz Davis, Kent

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  • From above...."I don't know of a better way to invest a nickel a day".

    The county cannot take care of what they have, and these folks want more. They have plans in the works to expand and spend, spend, spend.

     Now they want the change in your pocket. Shameful

    NO on the Levy... Take a Hike and deal with it...

    I LIKE CHEDDAR...............

  • wow...think what 5 cents a day from every man woman and child in portage county might generate! Why stop with just 5 cents a day from residential property owners? Why not charge a users fee too? Then they could plant flowers etc.. Charge a $5 parking fee....generate even more great parks.