Support Issue 10 for Portage parks


Two important seasons are coming to Portage Parks. First, it's "Picnic in Portage Parks" season. Now that the weather is finally changing, bring food, family and friends for fun in your favorite park. Of course, we know that what we "pack in" we need to "pack out" so we can keep our Portage Parks in pristine condition.  Enjoy fun, healthy recreation and life in nature! 

The second "season" is only one day long and comes to us on May 6. We have the opportunity to offer family and friends many more seasons in our existing parks and to open up more parks and hike and bike trails throughout the county.

Vote "Yes" for parks (Issue 10) on Election Day.  Everyone will thank you -- especially our children. 

Edith Chase, Kent

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  • From above: Enjoy fun, healthy recreation and life in nature

    Nothing keeps Nature in Pristine Condition more than miles of Asphalt & Gravel Trails scarring the landscape/woods.


  • From RC article:

    "State Sen. Nina Turner brings campaign to Portage"...Published: April 13, 2014 4:00AM

    State Sen. Nina Turner brought her "Run, Nina, Run!" campaign for Ohio Secretary of State to Portage County on Monday evening, speaking to about 100 Democrats at Maplewood Career Center. The event was sponsored by the Portage Active Democrats....

    ...Christine Craycroft, executive director of the Portage Park District, presented the case for supporting Issue 10, a 0.5-mill levy to support the district's operating and capital expenditures over the next decade....

    Enough Said!!!

  • Just how many resident property owners want a tax increase? If this is so important to everyone...donate your own money.

  • Just how many resident property owners really want a tax increase?

  • In Sunday's paper, 2 articles and countless advertisments promoting Parks and Issue 10. Yes, parks are indeed wonderful.

    Imagine your income being increased from $100,000 annually to $1.6 million annually.  Nice little increase.

    Ring up Kasich and have him restore some funding. Take the poor, beleaguered taxpayers off the hook!

  • Lately, hardly a day passes without some opinion being published in support of Issue 10, the Park District levy. Recycled comments in favor of the levy only go so far. After awhile, they become almost an affront to the intelligence of the reader. Park District campaign, something to consider in the next 3 weeks.