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Parks leaders urge 'Yes' vote on levy

Published: May 1, 2014 4:00 AM

As your Portage Park District executive director and your Portage Park District commissioners, we want to encourage you to vote "Yes" on Issue 10.

Funding from the state and county has declined by 50 percent over the last three years. We must rely on donations to keep the parks operational and that simply isn't sustainable. With a little support, we could compete for grant dollars, open more public land throughout the county, better maintain what we have, and further develop our hike and bike trails.

We have a beautiful county that can and should be enjoyed by the public. If this levy doesn't pass, we will lose all kinds of economic growth and development opportunities and put our parks in further jeopardy. Please join us by voting "Yes" on Issue 10 on May 6.

Gary Cross, Elizabeth Tomasko Garner, Allan Orashan, commissioners,

Christine Craycroft, executive director,

Portage Park District

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redleg6 May 1, 2014 8:14 AM

From above: and "further develop our hike and bike trails".  

Read: "Portage Engineer looking for license fee hikes to fund road work" By Mike Sever | Staff Writer Published: May 1, 2014 4:00AM

The county doesn't have the money to fix the roads and bridges, and these folks the "Park Leaders" want your money to put more asphalt/gravel trails through the woods.

If the levy passes, will the Park Leaders spend 2/3rds of the levy money on employees/benefits/administration, as the surrounding counties do? The web-sites for the Portage Park speak in vague generalities about budget/spending, much like the letter above. Why so Vague? How about some real figures!

From: geaugeparkdistrict.org...2013 Report to the Public


Levy and Tax Income...$6,172,911....Personnel and Benefits...$4,051,333

2/3rds of the levy money in Geauge Park District goes to pay Personnel and Benefits. Is that a good economic strategy?

The Portage Park District wants us to be like the other counties.

From: summitmetroparks.org....2013 Annual Report

Real EstateTaxes....$15,922,673


Employee Benefits....$2,432,990...Plus $3,304,416 for Administration/Operations.

Using Common Core Math, after everybody gets their cut, there is not much money left for the parks ...The Portage County Park District wants to be like the other counties, they think it's a good economic strategy.

If the levy passes, maybe we can have unionized park employees and Park Rangers riding the Trails.

I think the Portage Park District Steering Committee, is steering way to the Left. They will want more money as they expand the bureaucracy.

"Tax and $pend, Tax and $pend, Tax and $pend"

NO on I$$UE #10