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R-C's new Kent office has it all except more visits from my dear friend Persh

By Tom Nader | Sports Editor Published: November 12, 2013 4:00 AM
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Since the day the Record-Courier officially moved into its new Kent office on Aug. 18, 2012, people have repeatedly asked me, "How do you like your new building?"

With nearly two years in the making, our move into Kent had become quite public and people were, and still are, curious about the transition.

My answer to those who present the question is always genuine and has remained the same.

For starters, I am always appreciative that people care enough to even ask.

I then go on to explain what makes the new building and work environment so amazing.

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It is clean, modern and professional. It is a building to be proud of and one that has been a breath of fresh air for a newspaper industry so desperately seeking positives.

But I always admit that there are parts of me that truly misses our Ravenna building.

I had worked in the Ravenna office, a building that dates back to 1858, for 12 years. It had become my work home and over time the new Kent office will probably gain part of that same feeling.

What won't help that feeling come along any faster, though, is the fact that our newly designed offices are actually missing one glaring thing for me: My dear friend Persh.

Pershing Rohrer, whose 95th birthday was on Monday and is unofficially recognized as the state's oldest working journalist, would frequently drop into the Ravenna office for visits.

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His house was only a stone's throw away, but now it is a city away. The convenience is gone and while our phone conversations and email exchanges keep us linked closely, the in-person talks are noticeably absent.

Persh remains an inspiring and vibrant part of our sports department, contributing his seasonal golf and bowling page that publishes in our Sunday editions. He has been employed by the Record-Courier since 1952 and people marvel at what he is able to accomplish, but to him it's just another day on the job.

When you walk through the new Kent office, you can't help but realize that the design process thought of basically everything.

They forgot to invent an easier way for Persh to get here, though. For now, phone calls and emails will have to suffice -- or I may just have to rent out office space in his house. I wouldn't need much room. Just enough for a chair, a place to rest my cup of coffee and close enough to his office that we can talk.

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guest Nov 12, 2013 1:18 PM

Thank you, Tom!  You have always been a special friend to Persh and treated him with the upmost repsect. Our family values your friendship and the care you have always shown Persh. It is amazing to be 95 and still have what it takes to get the job done as Persh has and continues to do! I marvel at what he recollects and the changes in the newspaper industry that he can describe. Thank you for recognizing Persh.  You know he doesn't like the attention, but he deserves it!! I also know that Persh feels the same about you and that the RC Sports Department is blessed to have you.  Keep up the good work. I know how proud he is of the work you are doing!!